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Need cost info on setting up a plant biotech company in India!!
I plan to start a plant biotech company on a small scale for producing industrially and medicinally important metabolites and compounds in India.

Please give me an approx cost of setting up R&D,industrial scale up and storage (all necessary and minimally required) for producing such products.
Also give me an idea of the land requirements.

Is it possible to get these products from callus on a industrial scale cost effectively?

sir, to be specific, i will be experimenting with the problem of gram +ve/-ve will not arise.i want to inhibit the first step of FA synthesis where acetyl-CoA is converted to malonyl-Coa. So to check the effect, i want to supply malonyl-CoA and see if the phenotype is recovered to that of untreated, will this approach work?

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Need cost info on setting up a plant biotech company in India!!00