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A New Kinetic Structured Model for Cell Cultivation in a Chemostat
This is post no. 11 under the main topic.
(04-08-2013, 04:15 AM)Sergey Klykov Wrote: I would like that always in our professional community there is a real debates similar as among physicists. High level. Or like mathematicians. Sharing information...
Mathematics will prevail sooner or later .If someone don't be ready for this, he stays out. Soon.

See also:


Dear friends! Hi!
Soon we will release a new software for the analysis of fermentations.
This is post no. 12 under the main topic.
Hi all! Sergey Klykov

Congratulations to all the participants with the start of the new school year! Smile
I wish you success and good luck in your endeavors and invite you to participate more actively in the discussions, to have own discussions.
I can offer some interesting discussionsSmile and would ask those members who did not participate in the discussions to express their views here:

and hear:

and hear:

and hear:

and hear:

and hear:
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Dear colleagues!
We use the same model for the calculation and analysis of completely different processes: the cultivation of micro-organisms and evolution.

We will soon release our new analytical software based on the new NovoBio theory. Dear Colleagues,
If for you it is not too difficult, I ask you to vote here:

This is post no. 14 under the main topic.
Mathematical Model for Production
of Recombinant Antibody 14D9 By
Nicotiana tabacum Cell Suspension
Batch Culture
PL Marconi, MA Alvarez, SP Klykov, and VV Kurakov

This is post no. 15 under the main topic.
Is this forum alive?
This is post no. 16 under the main topic.
Slower than usual. But with over 22K views for your thread itself, you have to agree that it is very much alive.
This is post no. 17 under the main topic.
First of all, lot of thanks for providing valuable information on "New Mathematical Modeling -on population growth under specified conditions".
This model seems promising. Also it is innovative way by which biotechnological parameters can be predicted and can help a lot in various fermention industries. This model had shown a good conformity between the calculated and experimental data on biomass yield.
I am anxious to know, can this be further innovated or can as such be applied for stem cell cultivation or in similar applications like optimisation of important media, viral/vaccine cultivation, etc ! This model is developed using base of Pirt- Marr's equation, which is really impressive !
Keep updating on the developments of this new,worthy bio-mathematical model of cell cultivation.
This is post no. 18 under the main topic.
Thank you friends for your kind words!
I hope that soon I will be able to show you our new software which is based on a new theory presented to your attention.
This is post no. 19 under the main topic.
Here we see a model that is identical to the unstructured model in IMMD (NoviBio): see equations 4),5),6) in this article and compare it with equations 4) and 6) in our article http://iopscience.iop.org/1758-5090/3/4/045006 Or 16a) and 20) in other our article:
Our equations for unstructured models back us to BERTALANFFY equations, but we have done some modifications.
However, our studies were completely independent and they concerned to microorganisms growth. In contrast to the authors' discussed in this post, where we see the other objects of the study.
Besides, we was the first who proposed a method for determining the parameters for such models (Victor Derbyshev and others) and other radical innovations. Please look ,this is interesting.
Also, see discussion in:
This is post no. 20 under the main topic.
Dear friends who are related to any fermentation processes. Are you interested to improve/increase of your products output/sum after each your process? Also, if you need live biomass cells, are you need to control of a cells survival in your process? If you will be provided with the appropriate software, will you use it? Dear Admins, could I make this topic a separate discussion?

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