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Advanced Algal Technologies Limited News and Latest Innovations
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Module for production developed by Advanced Algal Technologies Limited

The passage of time has led to the development of numerous new methods for the generation of biofuel.

The company has researched patented and innovative means of the production of biofuel. It is currently in the ultimate stages of harvesting algae in a manner that is commercially viable for the production of biofuel. The approach of the company is not only unique but causes no harm to the environment.

Various innovative approaches of Advanced Algal Technologies Limited
Cultivating algae on a commercial scale has many advantages. In this process the temperature and humidity of the environment can be controlled in order to produce certain specific variety of algae. Different methods like monoculture are used to grow algae. The growth of algae depends of the environmental temperature, humidity and light factor. Advanced Algal Technologies Limited has been cultivating algae on a large commercial scale.

Company URL: http://www.advancedalgal.com/

Update - 24/July/2013

Advanced Algal Technologies Limited has participated in Australian Sustainability Conference & Exhibition

Advanced Algal Technologies Limited is responsible for developing two major systems – the Infinites and the Substrata. The former concentrates on the manufacture of products right in protein for the industry of livestock feed. The technology is ideal for the sector of health foods, animal feeds, and biodiesel. The Substrata system involves controlled module that uses a connected substrate for the optimal biomass output of algae. The technology will work wonders for the functional food ingredients industry, pharmaceuticals, biodiesel and health foods.

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