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This is post no. 41 under the main topic.
Hi My name is Arundhathi,

After having various discussions and meetings with various Consultants and College officials I have come to the following conclusions. Please have your valuable comments on the same.

1. I have been advised to do my Under graduation in Canada instead of USA due to two reasons.
a. Cost of study.
b. Processing of Permanent visa.( The visa can be obtained in 3 years)
They suggested that once I have a Canadian Passport I can always go and work or study MS in USA.

Now on the course to choose I have been very strongly advised to take up Biotechnology Engineering Course as against Bachelors for getting placements easily and also to get into a better job.They also said that it would be better to do an engineering course than a bachelor of science if I want to join the manufacture and production of drugs rather than research of the same. Is this true??

I was advised as to join a Diploma course for 3 years and start to work and then study one more year at a reputed university in Canada and get my diploma to a degree level ,while working and then join at a higher level.

Do you think this is advisable?

Also is there any difference in terms of value between Canadian and US courses ? Also will it have any impact in future for my career prospects?

I want to keep the costs minimal and want to get a good certified degree or diploma which will ensure that I can start working with a decent pay at the end of my course.I can reduce my expenditure significantly if do my undergraduate studies in Canada.

Is there a difference in pay between a diploma holder and a degree holder and if so how significant is it? As you know if I do my undergraduate studies in Canada I will take one more year of biotechnology to further my diploma into a degree,but will this be less credited than a full time degree in Canada or the U.S.
This is post no. 42 under the main topic.
This is Nazima Rani.i done my MSc in botechnology..iam here to know more about aim is to do phd in sciences related to biotechnology.hope you all guide the right path in this.

hi every one..
this is Nazima Rani.i done my MSc biotechnology from Bangalore university in am in Santa Clara ,California. i want to do any diploma course related to biotechnological sciences here and am not getting anyone to guide me in this regard.can u people please guide me?like whom to contact and here on h4 visa with my husband and my 2yr old daughter.waiting for reply.
This is post no. 43 under the main topic.
Hi,this is Aimee. I am studying in biochemistry and Molecular biology. Nice to see everyone, hope I can learn more in this forum.
This is post no. 44 under the main topic.
"hey guys...
i am new comer here so let welcome me...
i am just looking for some interesting things and i am pretty much sure that here i will get them... share some interesting things with me........"
This is post no. 45 under the main topic.
HI i am shabnam rithwan ,persuing biotechnology, from india.
hope that i'll get enough knowledge and nice ideas for my future through this forum.
looking forward for excellent ideas for coming future.
This is post no. 46 under the main topic.
Welcome! Glad that you're here. This place is definitely...refreshing, would be a good word. Hope you like it here as much as I do!
This is post no. 47 under the main topic.
yeah buddies, this is SAIRAM pursuing postdoc. in Biotechnology from VIT University.
This is post no. 48 under the main topic.
hiii, m pallabi das from india studying biotechnology.....m new n dis forum...
This is post no. 49 under the main topic.
Welcoming all new members.
This is post no. 50 under the main topic.
Hello everyone

I'm a PhD student from India, would to inquire that I have created a database and tool to predict disorder genes for specific disease group.

The database is a comprehensive collection of genetic variants (primarily Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) as reported by Genome-Wide Association Studies and Meta-Analyses associated with Disorders. Is database creation and further analysis of GWAS is authentic and publishable work or not?


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