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New Members - Introduce Yourself Here
This is post no. 71 under the main topic.
Hello my name is Brenda and i am from the Philippines.By the way i am also new here.
This is post no. 72 under the main topic.
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Thank you!
This is post no. 73 under the main topic.
My name is Pranava and i'm really confused whether to take up biotech or not..
I'm from Pune, India. According to what other people tell me, biotech doesnt have much scope in India. I've spoke to many seniors of mine n most of them say that there's nothing much i can do if i take up biotech in india. Also, there are a few who have done biotech in iit but are still working in a bank. I'm really worried that i wont be able to make a living if i even do get a job. I'm really sure i wanna do M. Tech in the USA, but i'm not sure about the salary there either.
If anyone could help with this, I'd really appreciate it :)
Thanks in advance!
This is post no. 74 under the main topic.
Hi, I'm currently going for a diploma in biotechnology in Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. Hope I can ask about school stuff here and I hope to get replies fast Big Grin
This is post no. 75 under the main topic.
Hi everybody, this is virendrasinh from India. I am doing biotechnology n I love doing science projects. looking for new ideas and info about internship here.
This is post no. 76 under the main topic.
Hello I am 14 year old 9th grader from Virginia who is studying biology this coming school year. I joined this forum because I plan on majoring in biomedical engineering and I believe I can learn something.
Big Grin  This is post no. 77 under the main topic.
Hi guys,

my name's Joe Harrison and I'm studying Biomedical Sciences (BSc) at Oxford Brookes University.
New to the forums, so just looking around Smile
This is post no. 78 under the main topic.
Hello Everyone! I am Modhurika De from VIT University, India. I am a 3rd year student of the BTECH Biotechnology Program here. I am very interested to study MS in Biotechnology and do some meaningful research in the fields of cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology. I am also the Vice President of ELT at my institute and enjoy literary pursuits. Reading and cartooning are my favourite leisure activities.
This is post no. 79 under the main topic.
Welcome Jospeh, Modhurika, Pranava, Brenda and all other members who I have not mentioned here.

We have created this one of a kind SPAM FREE forum for the betterment of biotech field.

Please share your experiences and knowledge on the forum, and do not forget to assist your fellow members if you can by answering their queries.
This is post no. 80 under the main topic.
Hi Gents!
I am kadar basha from Saudi Arabia.

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