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Genetic engineering doomsday scenarios?
Sunil, thanks again.

I reread your response. How often does the body use DNA repair when creating egg or sperm cells? I'm hoping/looking for a catastrophic effect that sterilizes the offspring (as opposed to the original patients). In other words, one generation is treated, and vast numbers of their children are sterile (e.g., something like 25%-50% of the population). Is it possible for DNA vaccines to run amok and accidentally target germ line cells?

As long as I'm asking for the improbable, it would also be ideal if the effect cannot easily be reversed (i.e., essentially a permanent effect on our species, perhaps dormant). I'm guessing that anything that can be screwed up genetically can be reversed, so a permanent effect is probably inconcievable.

If the descendants cannot be made sterile by a runaway genetic engineering application, is it possible that they might develop severe illnesses while young or young adults? The more difficult to reverse, the better. Thoughts?

Thanks again.

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