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Basic learning required for drug designing
(07-23-2015, 04:26 PM)SunilNagpal Wrote:
(07-22-2015, 05:57 PM)bvs science freak Wrote: hi friends,
   I'm pursuing doctrate which has drug designing part. I know somewhat but not good enough to carry out this part. pls help me by suggesting some books , websites, tutorials for knowing the basics and practical bioinformatics to know about protein structure retrieval,  protein information retrieval, docking etc..

pls help me friends. thank you for all


Autodock has quite an exhaustive manual with crisp description of active-site - ligand docking/interaction. There are ample video tutorials for the same on youtube as well (believe me, they are among-st the best and most easily comprehendable). You may try Autodock vina too (minimal need for user interference). But I would suggest going for Autodock, than Vina.

Why is Autodock better than Autodock Vina?

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