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career guidance
MSC genetics can fetch u job as a lecturer or you can be placed in any research institute
Sir one last questn..... After BTCH BIOTECHNOLOGY what should i do... Eithr MBA or mtch biotechnology ?
MBA (health care) is far better in india than MBA biotechnology.It totally depends on you. You can either go for MBA health care or mtech biotechnology from reputed institutions
At the end of the day you should be doing what you feel like
Thnk you sir for ua guidance ?
Hope you have a bright future ahead.Best of luck
Sir can i do MBA(health care ) after completing bsc biotechnology??
Yes of course. you can go for mba heathcare/health management.
Sir which would be betr.... MBA after btch biotechnology or MBA after bsc biotechnology??
I think Btech has an edge over bsc in corporate sector.
Sir should i do MBA health care immediatly after btch biotechnology or should i do job and then go for MBA??

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