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Mental health law. - Capkeeds - 01-03-2012


Some mental illnesses are not caused by alcohol or illegal drugs cannot be cured but can be kept under satisfactory condition,{control} the object not being to control the patient but to enable them to live a reasonable life in the commuity. Would you consider that the ususal analogy with diabetes and insulin calls for people with diabetes to be taken off insulin?

RE: Mental health law. - Libby - 07-25-2012

Hi I am Libby here. I am surprise to know the rare condition of a person with mental illness. Laws are always made for the welfare of the public at large. Laws are always protect the life of the people.

RE: Mental health law. - markspend01 - 06-13-2013

Hey Guys well i think that Mental illness presents extremely hard for the law because the problem impacts self-awareness and understanding to understand their own conditions and the truth that involves them.Thanks!!