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Energy Drinks - Miller - 02-17-2012

Energy drink will not be able to provide you bunch of energy as promised in the advertisement. As a smart consumer we need to know what is inside the product we consume and whether it worth it or not. However, this is only a quick bandage but not a cure. If you like to feel energetic all day, the best way is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, have good rest and be happy always.

RE: Energy Drinks - tulip - 03-15-2012

That great product, but thing which I didn't like that is the koozie paper..Its does not contain the internal product which they mention at the koozie paper.

RE: Energy Drinks - Faulkner - 06-19-2012

Nah! I don't drink them mostly. Just coffee or tea. Though sometimes we make a nice cocktail for our parties: energy drink+vodka champagne. It's a blast!

RE: Energy Drinks - Carney125 - 07-05-2012

Yes, it is right, the energy drinks which available in market don't provide enough amount of energy. Instead of these energy drinks the fresh fruits juices provide enough amount of energy according to our body need. So we should prefer fresh fruits juice to get energy instead of energy drinks.

RE: Energy Drinks - Kelsey - 09-12-2012

Energy drinks are good sources of energy.They have ability to increase our stamina.My favorite energy drink is Red Bull.

RE: Energy Drinks - smithkendall - 10-22-2012

Most are pretty bad for you but the best are in the private market.

RE: Energy Drinks - rooduff - 12-12-2012

Some times energy drinks do favour to our body,but these kind of drinks boost our energy level instantly and when those finish work,our energy level goes down even below to our normal level,this act put the bad effects on our health.

RE: Energy Drinks - LawsonWatts - 05-05-2013

I don't take energy drink because I experience palpitations every time I drink one. I opt for the natural way to get energy like eating the right foods and proper exercise.

RE: Energy Drinks - pinoydeen - 05-06-2013

I agree with it. Energy drinks are just a temporary source of getting energy. A Large number of students use this to gt energize it but it not so effective in terms of getting power but the fact is this cause some serious health issues lately.

RE: Energy Drinks - Deven - 07-12-2013

I agree that all energy drinks are just a name to sell, no quality but i believe some brands do provide a rush in your blood stream.I have checked online and Red bull and Horse power are 2 heavy effecting drinks. But in trade of quick energy i completely agree that health is going to get disturbed so better tone up urself than having energy drink.