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RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - SunilNagpal - 12-10-2014

(12-03-2014, 04:58 PM)niks Wrote: Hello Sunil,
 I completed my bachelors in ECE from PUNE UNIVERSITY with 1st Class with Distinction in 2014, I have topped in my Dept of ECE. I have done 2 National Level Paper Presentation & have won a National Level Poster Competition. have actively participated in extra-curriculars like College Magazine and Debates. have 1) 3-month Internship at Abhiyanta Solns 2)1-month training at Doordarshan 3)Internship with Monk Automation. Was a topper at district level in C programming at NIIT.

I will be appearing 4 gate 2015 n hope to secure a good score.

I am interested in applying for NTU phd/meng prog. What are my chances of  getting through with present credentials?
I am not aware of any formalities please do guide me.
Hi Niks,

Let me answer your queries one by one.

1. Yes your profile is really good for the PhD/ MEng course.
2. You just need a valid GATE score (above 90 percentile).
3. You'll need TOEFL as well (may be exempted if the medium of your studies has been English).
4. Admission takes place at NTU in August or January each year
5. Last dates for January intake: 30th June of previous year and for August intake: 31st January of same year
6. Scholarship details are here:
7. Link to applications:
8. Documents required:

Hope it helps

Best Wishes


RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - SunilNagpal - 12-10-2014

(12-02-2014, 02:06 AM)Suyog25 Wrote: Dear Sunil,
You are doing great job especially for the upcoming researcher by directing them at the right phase of their life to
right place i.e.NUS

I did my BSc Biotechnology:-University of Mumbai :- 63%-2012.
MSc Biotechnology-Fergusson College Pune(University of PUNE) 67%.-2014.

I did my dissertation work(6 months) at Premium Serums PUNE-one of the anti-snake venom serum producing industry. Title:- The Development of ELISA for determination of anti-cobra venom antibodies in Equines. no publication.
During my project i met Prof.R.M.Kini(Protein science Lab NUS). He helped me in development of scientific insight
while modifying cobra short i know him.  

I always wanted to work with such Profesor. The work is still going on in industry. I left it for joining GRE Coaching because the industry is 80 km away from PUNE with very bad public transport.

what do you suggest in this situation. My parent don't know anything about NUS. so they are not agree with this idea. They asked me to perform well in CSIR/ DBT JRF.  How to handle this situation?
GRE/ TOEFL requirement?
What will the benefits of giving subject GRE(Biochem,Cell bio, genetics) for fellowship / assistantship   ?
Can this idea

Hi Suyog,

My clear piece of advice would be to pursue NUS or some other university abroad if you are really serious about your scientific career. In India you can pursue PhD but let's accept it that our Universities and Institutes are yet to streamline their system in Biotechnological research atleast (we are improving but there's long way to go). May be you can add to a better pool of scientists to improve the system here later. In India, if you really want to pursue the research then study the track record of the scientists first before making a decision. One of the improtant things to check would be the average time taken by their students for the award of PhD; apart from the facilities; no. of research publications of the students and whether same kind of research is being done all the time by all students or not.

How to go about it?

If you have applied for GATE, then GATE is the easiest and least expensive way to enter NUS.
If you haven't then pursue GRE with conviction. GRE/GATE is just an eligibility criteria; you can go for GRE General as well.

At the same time, appearing for CSIR/DBT JRF is not going to be a bad decision. Go for these exams as well as a contingency plan.

AND, please do email Dr. Kini about your interest, it will strengthen your chances of getting a PhD at NUS.

Apply at NTU as well.

Hope it helps,.Best wishes


RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - deepak2307 - 12-10-2014

Hi Sunil,

Thank you for the quick reply.

So, I believe the request must be made after I get shortlisted right?
your interview was also through skype? Could you please describe the experience? Or whatever you have heard from others?

I am worried about it because in application I had given preference of Interview location as Chennai, Hope it can be changed after shortlisting, I desperately don't want to miss the interview.

I hope the candidate giving a personal interview will not have a higher preference than the one giving skype interview.

Thank you very much.

RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - abhi93 - 01-05-2015

Hello I am now in 4th yr of my undergrad program in chemical engg... I will be giving GATE on 31st Jan,2015 and results will be declared in the month of March...I want to apply for masters in NUS and I heard that they take admissions through GATE I want to ask that whether they have any extended deadlines for Indian students for applying through GATE for Fall'2015?

RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - akash - 01-23-2015

Hi I am akash
I have score 285 in GRE what are the chances of admission in m.s electrical engg. In NUS
I have completed my graduation in electronics and communication with first division 63% from u.p.t.u in 2012.
What are my chances to get in nus\ntu

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RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - Sapthaswaran - 02-12-2015

Hi Sunil,

Thanks so much for all your valuable inputs!

I just received an interview call from DBS for PhD on March 20th 2015. Could you please quickly guide me through the interview process?

Will the interview be a technical one? Is there any way we can better our chances for an admission at NUS?

And importantly, after the interview how do they generally decide whom to offer admission and deny?

Any tips/guidance will be great. Thank you

RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - aruporacle - 02-18-2015

Dear Sunil,

Need your advice and some guidance please.

My daughter is currently studying M.Tech in Biotechnology from NIT Rourkela and will complete in June 2016.

If we wish to admit her in NSU, Singapore for her PHD in Biotechnology.

1. Which Intake Period (August 2016 or January 2017 or August 2017) is appropriate and recommended for her PHD, assuming her M.Tech result will not be declared before June 2016?
2. Depending on the intake period, can she use her existing GATE-Biotechnology February 2014 score (All India Rank of 292, percentile = 97.27%) or will she have to again appear for GATE in February 2016?



RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - nikhil_hajirnis - 03-01-2015

Hello sir,
This is a wonderful thread and I am deeply interested in pursuing scientific career. I am doing my MSc (final semester) in Biotechnology (current CGPA - 6.5/10) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi and I secured AIR-15 in the Common Entrance Exam For Biotechnology (CEEB) held each year by JNU in 2013.
I also acquired AIR-1 in Int-PhD exam for Genomics at Madurai Kamaraj University and have also cleared CSIR (LS) with AIR-36. Can I include these examinations in my national achievements given in the NUS form? Moreover I have appeared for GATE-2015 and am hoping for its result to be positive. What else can I plan for making my CV stronger? What kind of an essay do they expect us to write for getting an admission in NUS? And what scholarship should I apply to over there?

RE: Tips for Admission in National University of Singapore - sarawginitesh - 03-09-2015

Respected sir,
I will be very helpful regarding the admission procedure and other details in NUS/NTU (Singapore). Following details are provided below:-
10th-58% 12th-62% B.Tech Mechanical Engineering- 68%
GATE %ile- above 90.
All the program mentioned above are from English Medium.
please do tell if you have any suggestion.