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Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - Charles - 07-19-2010

I am trying to compile a list of best ranked Biotech Schools/Colleges for studying Bachelors/Masters in United States of America. This is just a start, I need some help to make this list more comprehensive.

- University of California - San Francisco
- University of Pennsylvania
- University of California - San Diego
- Johns Hopkins University
- Washington University - St. Louis
- University of Washington
- University of California - Los Angeles
- Yale University
- Stanford University
- Rockefeller University
- University of Wisconsin - Madison
- Baylor College of Medicine
- Purdue - West Lafayette, Indiana.
- Oregon State University - Corvallis
- Northwestern University - Evanston, IL
- MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What do you think .. ?

----------- Further additions on suggestions --------------

-Rutgers University - New Jersey

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - NatashaKundi - 07-26-2010

is this in a chronological order?

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - Charles - 07-26-2010

They are not in chronological order, but I am hoping someone will sort it and possibly add more institutes that I must have missed.

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - DarrylFerguson - 03-15-2011

What are the procedure and fee structure for getting admission in all Universities ?

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - trsram - 04-03-2011

on what basis are your rankings Mr. Charles ?

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - semler - 05-03-2011

We are searching this biotechnology colleges and universities in USA.. This forums through we can know about that.. Excellent work sharing with us.. Thanks for this..

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - BioOutsource - 07-27-2011

Thanks for displaying the top ranking colleges. If you can rank the list of colleges according to their most powerful aspect or positioning that would be great help for all of us.

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - Carney125 - 07-05-2012

University of California, and the Washington university are at top in the field of biotechnology.
Thanks for providing such valuable information about the top biotechnology universities.

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - bleedbiotech - 08-10-2012

hey i wanted to ask what is criteria to get into these colleges for ms like they need 12+3 or 12+4,if 12+4 than in india ,people gotta do one year of msc than why go for ms;than why to do ms, why not directly for ph.d.???
in it would be helpful if these universities are arranged in chronological order...................plzz guide mev if someone is experienced bout this whole ms in us

p.s. i m talking bout ppl doing bsc.
answer asap plz!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: Top Biotechnology Colleges and Universities in USA - ExpertScie - 10-04-2012

Deal All Students & Readers,

Kindly find below World Top 50 Biotech Universities
Harvard is ranked number one in the world, followed by University of Tokyo and University of London.

Top 50 Ranking (2000-2011)
1 Harvard University, Cambridge USA
2 University of Tokyo Japan
3 University of London UK
4 University of California, San Francisco USA
5 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia USA
6 University of California, San Diego USA
7 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore USA
8 Washington University, St. Louis USA
9 U of Washington, Seattle USA
10 U of California, Los Angeles USA
11 Yale Univ, New Haven USA
12 Stanford Univ USA
13 Rockefeller U, New York USA
14 U of Wisconsin at Madison USA
15 U of Cambridge UK
16 Baylor College of Medicine, Houston USA
17 U of Oxford UK
18 Duke U, Durham USA
19 Osaka U
20 Kyoto U Japan
21 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge USA
22 U of Texas at Dallas USA
23 Universités de Paris (I - XIII) France
24 Columbia U, New York USA
25 U of California, Berkeley USA
26 Case Western Reserve Univ, Cleveland USA
27 Cornell Uni, Ithaca USA
28 U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA
29 Yeshiva Univ USA
30 U of Toronto Canada
31 McGill Uni, Montreal Canada
32 U of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
33 Vanderbilt Univ, Nashville USA
34 U of Iowa, Iowa City USA
35 Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm Sweden
36 U of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ), New Brunswick USA
37 Univ of Alabama at Birmingham USA
38 State Univ of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook USA
39 Université de Genève Switzerland
40 Univ of Wales, Aberystwyth UK
41 New York Univ (NYU) USA
42 Univ of Utah, Salt Lake City USA
43 Universität Basel Switzerland
44 Uni of Chicago USA
45 Uni of Massachusetts at Amherst USA
46 Uni of Dundee UK
47 Oregon Health & Sciences Uni, Portland USA
48 Uni of Edinburgh UK
49 Universités de Strasbourg (I - III) France
50 Universität Zürich Switzerland

Sources: Center for Science and Technology Studies (CEST); Thomson Scientific (SCI/SSCI/AHCI); Milken Institute

Also find below the top schools for biology programs.
Every year US News and World Report publishes popular annual ranking of top graduate programs in biology and its specialties including:

•Biochemistry / Biophysics / Structural Biology

•Cell Biology

•Ecology / Evolutionary Biology

•Genetics / Genomics / Bioinformatics

•Immunology / Infectious Disease


•Molecular Biology

•Neuroscience / Neurobiology

Top 5 Graduate Schools in Biological Sciences by US News 2011:
1 Stanford University
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 University of California--Berkeley
4 California Institute of Technology
4 Harvard University

Following are some of the top ranking biology programs as ranked by the US News & World Report 2011:

Harvard University
Harvard achieved the top position in the following Biological Sciences Specialties:

•Biochemistry / Biophysics / Structural Biology

•Immunology / Infectious Disease


•Molecular Biology

•Neuroscience / Neurobiology

•Cell Biology
The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) at Harvard University offers a diverse range of research with strengths in the areas of Biochemistry and Biophysics; Cell and Developmental Biology; Genetics, Genomics, and Molecular Evolution; and Molecular and Systems Neuroscience.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT is ranked first for the specialty of Genetics / Genomics / Bioinformatics (joint top with Stanford Univ). The Biology Department at MIT has more than 60 faculty research laboratories; many of the faculty are leaders in their fields, with 4 members of the Biology faculty are Nobel Laureates, 29 are National Academy of Sciences members, and 11 are Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators.

University of Chicago
Chicago is ranked top for Ecology / Evolutionary Biology, with Harvard and UC Berkeley at joint 2nd position. UChicago offers five graduate programs in the Biological Sciences Division: Cancer Biology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, and Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine Graduate Program.