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Suggestion about forum - SaeedGh - 11-16-2010


I don't know who and why built this forum but it seems to be very useful for those who are looking for a friendly space to share their information about Biotechnology.

I think it's a good idea to add some extra forums such as "Site news" and "Talk to admins". If those forums had been made, I would told you that I couldn't upload any attachments or even an avatar! Wink

RE: Suggestion about forum - Administrator - 11-16-2010

Thanks for your suggestions. Once this forum acquires greater participation from the biotechnology community we will certainly consider adding more features. Attachments and links have currently been disabled intentionally to prevent forum spamming. We think 99% of the genuine users posts are in form of plain text messages and only 1% have meaningful attachments. Over time we will promote selected forum members as moderators to keep a check on all undesired activity and after that open features like attachments, avatar etc..

RE: Suggestion about forum - Shamon - 02-22-2012


My suggestion about this forum it must be very informative and comprehensive knowledge still need more improvement in biochemistry and other all medical fields.
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RE: Suggestion about forum - Kelsey - 09-12-2012

I think there must one section for general health and fitness.Otherwise the forum is awesome for sharing ideas and suggestions.

RE: Suggestion about forum - Charles - 09-13-2012


I was reading your posts .. welcome to this forum.
Question .. why do you think that "General health and fitness" should be added as a new category on this forum.

RE: Suggestion about forum - Darcy - 11-08-2012

Hi everyone!
am newbie here i read this forum more than tow day's but today i finally decided to join it for getting more new informative information from here and i would like say thanks to all of you for allow me as a member of this community i hop i will enjoy here i really appreciated you on this operating keep it up!!

RE: Suggestion about forum - rooduff - 12-12-2012

I am totally agree with my friend "I think there must one section for general health and fitness.Otherwise the forum is awesome for sharing ideas and suggestions"