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RE: Career in Bioinformatics - SunilNagpal - 09-11-2017

(06-11-2017, 06:05 AM)sj26 Wrote: Hello sir,
I am the fresher ,recently have done my graduation B.E. in biotechnology i have a query and hope i will be answered.

Internship in Eminent bioscience after biotechnology would be good decision?? Or any place where i could do internship in bioinformatics.?
Kindly answer me sir
I waana be a good bioinformatician but lack of opportunities or knowledge demoralising me

Sorry for the late reply, happened to miss your post.

I can't say about Eminent (no experience there), but for internship I would say that you may opt for any project in your institute or private company (if you don't get a government institute internship). It's more important to start on something and use the time. I strongly recommend everyone who doesn't get an internship outside their University to pursue it in his/her own college rather than a private company. The support from your own teachers will be more useful and fruitful than that from a commercial training centre. And you will save on that training fee as well.

Hope it helps

RE: Career in Bioinformatics - Sunil Dhasmana - 10-20-2017

Hello sir
My name is Sunil Dhasmana.
Currently pursuing Biotechnology 2nd year.
I know you heard many of this kind of questions
But i need your help
My research interests are recombinant DNANA technology and same kind of practical knowledge
I live in Ghaziabad and my institution is a private one



So I'm very serious about my career
Kindly suggest me some internship programme details for the same
Thanks and regards
Contact no:7053842453