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RE: Waste Management and Modern Environmental Biotechnology - johnsmith107 - 07-23-2014

In Satyamev Jayatey an episode on waste management gave me insight about waste management. till then i never imagined that even waste can be so powerful.! the energy produced via waste, the decomposition done and how it can be channelized to produce energy was remarkable.

And i was amazed to know its all related to biotechnology!
The episode also emphasized about how people can delegate the waste and help people who are involved in waste management from people who take waste from our doors to those who separate it.

I congratulate Biotech effort to make efficient use of these resources

RE: Waste Management and Modern Environmental Biotechnology - kiranta - 08-14-2014

I have heard about this.. Modern biotechnology will give proper management for us.. Also it is eco friendly..Of course some bacteria only utilize the toxin materials as their food..

RE: Waste Management and Modern Environmental Biotechnology - Stephan Richardson - 08-29-2014

I believe biotechnology can be such a big help with regards to waste management an treatment of biohazard wastes.

RE: Waste Management and Modern Environmental Biotechnology - debram - 09-09-2014

One of the major environmental problems of Indian cities in recent times is Municipal solid waste management (MSWM). Lack of proper management of Municipal solid waste (MSW) can be hazardous to the inhabitants. Several investigations reveal that nearly 90% of MSW is unscientifically disposed of in landfills and open dumps, thereby posing severe environmental and health problems. Several attempts have been made to make people aware of the characteristics, disposal and treatment technologies, collection and transportation of MSW so as to control the harmful effects of these wastes in India. This attempt also aims at evaluating the current scenario of the municipal waste disposal. Various treatment technologies for MSW should be adopted, with proper understanding of the limitations and advantages of the technique employed. The management process should flourish with fruitful suggestions, which must be beneficial to encourage the researchers and the competent authorities to work towards improvisation of the present system.
Due to population explosion and rapid industrialization there has been large increase in migration of people from villages to towns and cities, thereby generating thousands of tons of municipal solid waste daily. The municipal solid waste amount is expected to increase drastically in the near future due to inadequate transportation and poor collection technique resulting in accumulation of MSW at every corner of the cities. Unavailability of suitable facilities for regular disposal and treatment of the large amount of MSW in metropolitan cities is leading to improper management of MSW. Lack of technical and scientific management of MSW disposal results in an adverse effect on every component of the human health and the environment.
Municipal solid waste is generally disposed off in low-lying areas without prior operational controls. Instead of six recommended steps only four steps are carried out (collection of wastes after waste generation followed by disposal in dumping ground through transportation). The two vital in between steps of storage and processing is generally omitted.
There should be provision for proper infrastructure, maintenance and upgradation of every activity for MSW management. But this becomes quite complex and expensive due to the unplanned and continuous growth of urban centers. Often, due to the poor financial status of the managing municipal corporation, it becomes difficult to provide the required level of public service in the urban centers.
The present scenario MSW management in Indian cities is not at all promising day to day problems faced by the public is seemingly increasing. There has been an urgent need for competent authorities and researchers to come forward and take significant steps towards improvement of the present system through several important suggestions and recommendations.

RE: Waste Management and Modern Environmental Biotechnology - sheetal - 10-03-2014

There are challenges that biotechnology firms face managing their environmental programs. Our Govt should take more initiatives on water treatment, waste management and waste recycling.