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Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd: Recent News and Job Opportunities
Award to Ranbaxy Laboratories for its innovation of the anti malarial drug Synriam TM

Date : 16 July 2013

Name of the Award: "Innovation Excellence Platinum Award"

Occasion: ASSOCHAM Innovation Awards 2013

Category: Science and Technology

For the Innovation : New, first of its kind anti malarial drug Synriam TM

About ASSOCHAM Innovation Awards :

ASSOCHAM Innovation Awards serves the motto of identifying innovative organization in India and show cases their excellence in innovation by awarding the organization. So that the organization awarded for excellence will be a trend setter to all the other organizations.

About Synriam TM:

Credit : New anti malarial drug, first of its kind.

Market Entry: World Malarial day 25th April 2012

Purpose: To treat adults infected with Plasmodium falciparum a causative agent of Malaria

Synriam TM: Combination of Arterolane maleate 150 and Piperaquine phosphate 750mg.

Mode of Action:

Arterolane maleate – Acts against the malarial parasite in the blood of the infected person

Piperaquine Phosphate – Acts against the residual malarial parasite and ensures non occurrence of another malarial episode in the treated patient.

Dosage : one tablet per day for 3 days

Price: Rs.130

Targeting the drug markets in Africa, Asia and South America
Ranbaxy is preparing to submit a New drug application proposal to gain the market authorization for the drug Synriam in African regions for the year 2013.

Clinical trials under progress to make this drug available for children in the malarial episode areas in Asia and Africa

Total Number of tablets sold: 2 million

Number of patients cured in India: 7,00,000

Production Feasibility: As this drug is of synthetic origin it can be produced in large scales as and when required without any hurdle.

Ranbaxy owns the rights for this product and IP for this drug is protected till the year 2022

The drug Synriam TM has also secured Golden Peacock Innovative product / Service Award.

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