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Metagenomics- exploring the microbes in their habitat.
I spend a lot of my time working with researchers in human genomics and metagenomics. The study of the human microbiome is still a new field, and therefore there are very few repositories dedicated to storing metagenomic data, and as a result the data is fragmented across many different repositories.

I thought I would add here some sources of human metagenomic data for those who are interested in working with this data:
- Repositive has indexed ~21,000 datasets from human metagenomic studies
- Many studies that have deposited their data in SRA: a major study within the SRA datasets is the Human Microbiome Project.
- dbGaP also has some restricted access data.
- GigaDB
- EBI Metagenomics

For personal data you can also look at:
- The Personal Genome Project
- Steven Keating's Genome
- The Corpasome

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