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Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment and Latest Research
I wonder what makes the treatment of Diabetes so difficult. Given the fact that we have at our disposal so many great techniques like Genetic engineering, Immune modulation, artificial devices etc, what makes diabetes (a simple hormonal deficiency/ resistance disease) so elusive?

I was thinking about the following being probable options to cure diabetes. Can anyone help me out in quantifying their merit?:

A. Insulin producing transgenic bacterial strains could be utilized as probiotics. This would enable a growth of such bacteria in our gut, and insulin will be produced right in our gut. Why can't we do that?

B. Can't we clone the cells that produce insulin and implant them in Pancreas?

C. If we eat Bitter gourd and Ridge gourd daily, (proven helpful for Type 2 diabetics), can't we prevent diabetes? or even keep it at the bay?

D. Why don't we develop a device that can be implanted inside our body with 2-4 years of insulin stock in it, and program it to release the dosage as and when needed? It would atleast make the life less miserable. Only 10-15 refillings using minor surgeries should be more comfortable than punching holes in the skin everyday!

Looking forward to getting good opinions and suggestions and advices.

Thank you

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