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Diabetes: Symptoms, Treatment and Latest Research
Curious to read the title?? Well you read it right! Dolphins have been known to develop health problems which very much relate to "Pre-Diabetes" condition. But unlike humans who enter into weight loss programs, daily exercises, medications etc.; Dolphins are supposed to manage it on their own. And it has also emerged as a fact that Dolphins do manage it successfully to escape any full-blown diabetes through out their lives!

So, How do they do it?
Amongst the curious persons in the scientific community was :'Stephanie Venn-Watson, Director of Translational Medicine and Research at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego,  who wanted to dwell into the details of "How Dolphins avoided developing diabetes?". During the journey of her research for seeking the answers she suspected that the ability to avoid Diabetes was related to the diet controls of Dolphins!.

Through a thorough research of eating habits of Wild Dolphins and those kept in captivity, she discovered that the ability came from a certain type of fat the dolphins eat, and that too a SATURATED FAT! (saturated fats are otherwise considered harmful!).

The fat was a [b]Heptadecanoic acid or C17, [/b] which can be found in  fatty dairy products, certain fish types and rye.

So is it possible that we are depriving ourselves of C17 or Heptadecanoic acid by consuming No-Fat or Low-Fat dairy products?? The research is yet to be conducted to check the metabolic consequences of low consumption of C17, before making any recommendation to start eating high fat milk products to get enough dosage of C17 in diet.

Let's hope that a conclusive statement on this research comes sooner, as it has huge implications on diabetics and those who  might be vulnerable to it.

A balanced diet with good exercise regime can go a long way in curbing diabetes. Even if you consume fatty milk products, ensure that you exercise well.This way you will attack prospective/present diabetes with two blows at a time. One can opt for C17 rich fishes and rye too, without consuming much of dairy fats. But stay alert on this research, and stay healthy!

Will post further updates soon!

Read the full research in PLoSONE journal under title:
Increased Dietary Intake of Saturated Fatty Acid Heptadecanoic Acid (C17:0) Associated with Decreasing Ferritin and Alleviated Metabolic Syndrome in Dolphins

Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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