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Energy Drinks
I agree with it. Energy drinks are just a temporary source of getting energy. A Large number of students use this to gt energize it but it not so effective in terms of getting power but the fact is this cause some serious health issues lately.
I agree that all energy drinks are just a name to sell, no quality but i believe some brands do provide a rush in your blood stream.I have checked online and Red bull and Horse power are 2 heavy effecting drinks. But in trade of quick energy i completely agree that health is going to get disturbed so better tone up urself than having energy drink.
Well energy drinks no doubt are necessary for our body. In addition people take different energy drinks, which might be useful for them but i normally drink fruit, juices and i believe that these are the ideal energy drinks in fact. These are 80% natural thus free from side effects on body.
What these energy drinks are usually made of to give instant energy??it would b nice if anyone explain..

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