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Depression - Genetic predisposition and Stress hormones
Even the young students are not free from it. Most of the time the depression is something with out any reason. By talking and spending time the depression can be cured. The students can not concentrate on their studies because of it. Treatment is very helpful in this case.
There are many different kinds of depression. Some kinds include seasonal depression because the sun gives you seretonin and when this is lacked u feel depressed...
Depression is been normal to our life and most of the time people always feel it ,in fact even me i am always depress and i think it is because of my job from a bank tendering service and you are right that it is start on being stress.
Depression is a severe condition of the mind in which the brain doesn't work properly.
You must keep your mind relaxed to control your depression. Keep yourself busy in some fun activities and sports.
Some exercises specially yoga and meditation are the best techniques to control the depression. Do these exercise in your daily routine to deal with your stress and depression condition.
Adam Prowse Personal Trainer,
539 High Street, Maitland,
New South Wales 2320, Australia

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