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Enhancement of looks with Stem Cells
Want to look pretty? Stem Cells may be your answer.

Looks have become a major issue in both men and women alike in the modern day and age. Hence, studies related to enhancing looks by adopting different methods and techniques is gaining popularity as people are rarely satisfied with their natural looks and forever look for various ways to improve and enhance their appearance.

The advent of stem cell technology, in general, has helped in providing solutions to a number of problems such as helping in the therapeutics for various fatal diseases, bone repair, etc. However, the research in the field of stem cells gives rise to new use of stem cells everyday and it has gone a long way in helping the mankind in different ways, enhancing appearance being one of them.

Stem cells have potential use in the skin grafting process that is used as a treatment for the burn victims. The transplantation of tissues and skin from the donors to the burn victims is a painful procedure requiring long period for healing and the patients are compelled to undergo enormous pain and mental frustration due to the wounds as well as the healing challenges. Hence, stem cells have provided a much better alternative for the patients, which could be used for the production of healthy, new tissues instead of relying on the donated tissues, the procedure being similar to the bone marrow transplants in Leukaemia patients, whereby the stem cells are transplanted for the creation of specialised white blood cells. The scientists follow the procedure of triggering the differentiation of the isolated stem cells from a tissue outside the body followed by the transplantation of the differentiated stem cells back into the patient for the replacement of the damaged tissues. The small piece of skin that is grafted into the patients can progressively grow back and cover the burn within a short period. Thus, the use of stem cells in the burn victims is one of the most successful developments for the benefit of humanity.

Stem cells have also offered solution in helping to re-attach the lost teeth thus creating a revolution in the field of dentistry. A smile with all the teeth intact is always considered a sign of beauty and health. Hence, the loss of teeth due to gum disease or any type of accident becomes a big issue. However, new research studies show that this can be treated with the stem cells, which can not only help in the reattachment of the lost teeth but also in growing back new teeth in place of the lost one.

Hair loss has become one of the major factors affecting the appearance of men and women and the association of head full of hair with beauty, youth and vitality has further helped in creating frustration and embarrassment besides creating stress in people losing hair. New research studies proving the use of stem cells in restoring hair growth is creating favourable response among people, who would like to avoid the claims of oral and other treatments having numerous side effects. Hair follicles are actually associated with hair growth and it has been found that the damage in the hair follicles as in case of balding halts the formation of hair from them. Scientists have studied the role of stem cells in restoring hair growth in mice. They found the role of Wnt gene in the hair follicle formation as well as healing of wounds. The studies in mice showed that the creation of wounds helped in the activation of this gene, which helped in the wound healing process and also in the formation of new hair follicles followed by hair growth. The blocking of this gene caused halt in the hair growth process, while increase in its activity increased the hair growth. Although, the studies of this gene proved successful in mice, it is in its infant stage and further research is essential along with its translation in the human studies. However, the role of stem cells in re-growth of hair shows great promise.

New researches in stem cells have showed a possible use of stem cells in reducing or removing the wrinkles in face caused due to old age. Some scientists have used plant stem cells for use in the topical creams for this purpose due to ethical issues related to the use of human stem cell in cosmetics. The stem cells isolated from a type of apple with long shelf life were shown to be responsible for the generation of protective shield on its surface. Culture of these cells was found to enhance the production of human stem cells. However, there was no validation of the results when replication of the study was done through a topical cream. Moreover, some of the scientists working on plant stem cells have stressed on the impossibility of the presence of such interaction of plant stem cells with the human stem cells. Hence, the possible use of stem cells in reduction or removal of wrinkles remains to be studied in-depth to be used for commercial purpose.

Thus, the use of stem cells in unique and innovative ways shows great promise in the research and development of stem cells. The technology has a long way to go and in near future may offer solutions to every type of problem faced by the humanity.
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Vitamins are very important for keeping eyes healthy, and is also necessary for keeping bones, teeth, skin & hair strong and well maintained All help the body break down fats, proteins and carbs, thus providing you with energy....
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