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What is the future of biotechnology?
I'm doing BS Hons. in biotechnology. After it, What should i do? Should i do MS or apply for job?
I agree with that. Biotechnology is one of those field which has the brightest future. I must say that using technology in this field has bring some splendid changes in our daily life that was hard to imagine.
Hey Guys well i think that there is a good chance in biotechnology like many government or private medical centers have started or will start soon. Every medical centers wants doctors. So i think that a better opportunity for those who do in biotechnology. Thanks!!
DNA screening could prevent many diseases, gene therapy could cure them and, thanks to lab-grown organs, the human body could be repaired as easily as a car, with spare parts readily available. Ultimately, the ageing process itself could be slowed down or even halted.

... WOW !!

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