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GLA University : A place where I learned to become more self confident !
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Hey Everyone !
This is me sharing my experiences about GLA University. I came here in August 2014 and decided to pursue my Master's in Microbiology and Immunology. I came to know about this place through my father. Though it's a good university in this region . I had completed my Bachelor's from Banasthali University .  Cool
Apart from this I want to mention that , It is the only university I guess which offers dual degree program in M.Sc . It is a very good thing to achieve here !
 College life is really unique that teaches us something special which can be an inspiration for every student. For everyone, college life can be different as everybody has different places to choose for their study . One can achieve something great , while some are not able to achieve up to their expectations . As, Failures are the pillars of success, so we should not forget to try again and again ! Trying on something gives us more confidence and strong determination to achieve something very big. Winning or Loosing are the part of the life , what matter is our strong determination and hardwork ! 
Coming to GLA proved great for me as I am enjoying here a lot ! I can say I have become more ambitious and capable of taking more responsibilities as before ! A college is the place where a student comes to know about his/her own hidden talent, his/her capability to tackle problems and hostel life teaches us to become more self confident and mature . So, one should have a college  experience in their life to become independent ! In a college we get to know about many things which can turn to be good for us .
I have many experiences of my college life , but this one is totally different and realistic for me !!! 

Everybody chooses a better place to pursue his/her further higher studies. I chose this place to be the part of my life . When I came here, I don't have any idea about this place. I gave entrance to get admission in this college. There are entrances for every course in GLA University. GLA University needs no introduction as its name speaks itself ! Ranked No:- 3 in India .  Finally college started and I was excited about it . Excited because , I came here to pursue my PG and PG life is always interesting for everybody !!!
. Though the environment here is serious about the studies, which is an extremely good thing for a university. Faculty over here in my department is really nice and well educated. Faculty is blessed with friendly and soft hearted  nature which help us to communicate with them easily. I was over joyed with this behavior. I had also studied in Banasthali University and JNU,Jaipur, but over there faculty was not this much friendly. Coming over to hostel life, this was my 7th year in hostel and I had no fear about this. I felt comfortable and was easily adjusted. But I was little much tensed about my rom mate as It was an question mark !  Tongue  Though it was a new place for me but due to the friendly environment in GLA , I felt relaxed and positive . After so many days, I came to know about my room mate who was Manipur ! Far away from here she was . Her name is Okeshwori  and she is cute, helpful and most important she understands me very well , though she know only little bit of Hindi  Rolleyes . I used to communicate with her in English before , but now she speaks good Hindi ! 

GLA University has many special things about it to be explained. This university has dual environment means serious for studies and enjoyable for other co curricular activities. So, for students,  it's an amazing place to study and learn. GLA University administration always listen to their students no matter what the problem can be ?? I appreciate this facility provided to us . 
Months passed, and I came across many peoples in hostel and academic campus . Some were interesting and some were having dual nature in their behavior. For the first time, I got some friends who are really open minded and frank to me ! At least they were not having the habit of backstabbing . I was happy with that .Mean while, some of them pretended to be good on my face, but on my back they were just like my enemies.
But that was usual for me as I faced this earlier also !
In hostel or away from home, one should be enough mature to handle their problems on their own . One thing I must say, I became more self confident and  more capable to handle my problems after coming to GLA . 
GLA University has taught me how to become more self confident and independent !!!
I pay my thanks to some of my friends and faculty members who stood with me throughout my bad and good times. But , few were there who always tried to bring me down , but as I said I was more self confident enough to handle this and I survived !
This was the first time when I felt that I have became more confident and was enough mature to overcome my problems. This is all about my personal experiences , now I come to my professional experiences in GLA !!!
At GLA, participating in extra co curricular activities , has been always a fun moment and I enjoyed this . My faculty also praises me for my extra effort . 
All the faculty over here is really appreciable and down to earth . No matter what they are always ready to help in any condition . My HOD sir , Dr. A.K Bhatia, is an extremely talented person in every field. He always encouraged me to do better. Other faculty such as Dr. Alok Bharadwaj sir, he is really too friendly ! His idea of teaching is very much comfortable . Dr. Vishal Khandelwal sir and Dr. Pradeep Kumar Choudhary sir, are two teachers who have an amazing way to teach ! They both have wide knowledge about their fields. Taking you all to the other teachers like Aditya Saxena Sir, Anuja Mishra Mam, Anjana Mam, Rama Mam , they are also magnificent persons. And finally moving to our new faculty i.e. Dr.Gaurav Pant sir, he is down to earth person and research oriented person . Beside this all, my teachers are really helpful and they always encourage me to move for a better career in my life. Last but not the least, our department has finest research scholars such as Nitin Wahi sir, Ritesh Sir,  who simultaneously help me to be aware about my field on the same. They also suggest me how to do better in research oriented career. 
That's all about my college life experiences !
Moving towards to my personal life again ; only some of my friends like Aman, Prashant, Nikita, Kanika, Okeshwori, Divyanshu, Aditi, Shubhi etc are like my pillars !!! They support and encourage me in my bad times and are always with me in my good times to share my happiness. Lets come to hostel wardens, one thinks that wardens are very strict to their students, but in my case, my wardens are really frank to me and always like elder sister to me !! I want to mention their names like- Richa Mam and Anuja Mam ! Such nice peoples they are  Heart They have soft nature and good understanding power to solve my problems. 
Aman is my bestest buddy and she is really caring to me . I have never imagined a friend like her in my life. Apart form this campus, I have another best friend who is Raj Singh Chauhan and he is the unique kind of man who is enough mature, sensible and decent in this lifestyle and thoughts ! I have learnt many things form him and will continue to get inspired from him as he is totally different guy who always supports me to do better than good  Smile Here, I found three elders sisters who are very much caring to me . Sneha Didi, Sana didi and Mukta Didi , beacuse of you all , I have gained a lot of positive energy in me :-) Thanks for making me to love myself .
At last , GLA  University has been a nice place for me to learn and grow in my life further ! Peoples here are extremely good and well behaved in their thoughts except some ! 
Last but not the least, I am nothing without my parents who have been a great source of inspiration to me always ! Thanks to them and more over I feel proud to be their daughter !Special thanks to my father who always supports and encourages me every time, no matter what I am going through ! He is actually a hero for me who has done everything for me to just make me smile ! Love you Papa ..
GLA University has many- many things good in it which can be learn by an individual to become a better person with good moral values  Big Grin I choose this university for being a better person so that I can make this place proud one day and I am working on it !!! Without the contribution of GLA University, my faculty and friends , I was unable to regain my lost self confident ! I am now more confident only because I came here and some credit goes to my efforts also . Finally , I only want to say that , If you can dream it , You can do it :-) 
Every college or university is good, it depends on us how we do there and the kind of things we achieve there ! Respect yourself and dream high to achieve more !!!
GLA University has contributed much to my life , and my life has been changed totally in positive aspects . I will make my best to give this university something more special so that they can feel proud on me one day ! Certainly I'll do that :-) 

Link for GLA University, Mathura :-
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