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No Knowledge Without College !
No Knowledge without College!

Entrance Exam Phobia:
It was in the first week of May, 2008 that I had just finished my graduation from B.S.A College with Zoology, Botany and Chemistry and the big question was in front of me, where to get admission for my M.Sc ?.
Although I have been an above average student throughout my carrier but still has faced a no. of unnecessary problems because of my bad luck. My passion has always been to learn and understand the basis of life at molecular level so was greatly interested in pursuing my masters in biotechnology or biochemistry. The competition for M.Sc in Biotech as well as in Biochemistry was too stuff and with minimal amount of knowledge acquired by my own efforts it always looks to me uphill task. The problems were not at all limited to my basic knowledge which I could improve, but the main problem was my shy nature and my homesickness and always wanted to remain close to my home so was not interested in filling application forms for far away university as well as my university session was also going too late and I was in the doubt that even if I will make it to a good university then still it would be much tough to get admitted.
I had applied for M.Sc in Biochemistry in Jamia Millia Islamia, with a slight ray of hope and had cleared its written test. The interview was scheduled just two days later and I decided to give it my best shot. I almost skipped my lunch and dinner for the last two days the syllabus was huge to revise and being haunted by the fact that if not this exam then I will have to take a year drop.
With mixed feelings of exam phobia, and the load of my parents expectations on my shoulder I entered into the interview hall.
The first person I saw was a lady Dr Seemi Fahrat Basir and along with her was sitting Prof. Luqman Ahmed Khan from dept. of Biochemistry.
Dr Seemi very generously asked me to have a seat I sat down thinking that now I am going to be slaughtered.
The questions were basic in nature and I almost answered them all. At last Dr Seemi asked me where do you see yourself if you are selected and if not what will you do ?
I answered her simply that mam, I have lived everyday in my village (rural area) dreaming of attending a college of high standard and would give my 100 % if selected and if not I will take a year gap improve my knowledge and sit for similar examination the next year. She instantaneously replied ok young man we give you the opportunity don’t disappoint us. The next day the student admission list was displayed to my surprise I was at the second position.

Although ragging was almost banned in the college premises but introduction used to take place. All of my friends were equally feared by the fact that what could happen next. The most tragic moment was when a fight broke out between Namita Gihar of my class with our senior. It led to a end to the introductory session in middle mean while we made her the star of our class and she was awarded with the title of the “KHUNKAR BIOCHEMIST”.

Life at Jamia Millia Islamia: A bit sour and sweet
Vision of Jamia Millia Islami:
JMI was a mixture of cultures; it had the taste of mughal architecture, the lucknow age of respect, the hindu culture of respect to gurus, and the true color of unity in diversity. The most important factor that had strengthened the integrity of JMI was the support that the university offered in Indian independence struggle by participating in non cooperation moment when AMU stood with britishers.

There were regular examination sessions in JMI including the internal tests it was in one of this test that I met one of my best friend Vijay. There came a question on Aquaporins I just asked hey, bhai “kuch aata hai to bata” bola “Nani aata” but still he kept answering the question. I just told him show it to me. He said “mat copy kar” maine bola “Just let me copy”. Finally the exam got over I went to him and asked him brother its amazing that you answered a question which was out of course. He said actually I never knew the answer I was according to my inner instinct. I was shocked both of us got zero marks in that question but became great friends.
Vijay used to get frustrated by the questions of his neighbor aunty used to ask what you will do after M.Sc. Sometimes he used to get frustrated and speak out that I will answer her, “Will marry your daughter after M.Sc anything more?????”

Library: The treasure of Knowledge:
As the hostel facility was limited in nature and power supply was much limited in delhi so almost all hostlers and students were forced to spend a large part of the day and night within library which was centrally A.C. Library study offered us all an opportunity to interact with each other students from different departments became great friends, the last benches were our seat we three friends Vijay, Vishawnath and me myself used to spend time from 6 A.M to 12 P.M almost daily on those seats. Our friendship become stronger to strongest sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner together in same plates within our central cantten, and how can I forget Mohit (Central canteen chef) who always kept special “Thalis” for us.
The most amazing seen was created in the afternoon when both of my friends used to take a nap (sleep) by putting their heads on the desks, but I was not able to sleep as such so used to sleep over the desk using my books as a pillow. Even we were specially recognized by the library facility because we use to come to library at 6:30 A.M while the time of library opening was 7 A.M we had over special evening tea of discussion by Mustafa who used to give us a miss call as he comes in the evening to sell tea outside library

The Secret crust that we had:
Never to mention it up here, there was a girl in the engineering department who used to sit just beneath us in the library. We all decided that once our examination will be over we will have a talk with her and began to seriously prepare for the examination as we didn’t want to lose our focus.
Ultimately the exams ended, when Vishawnath came to me and said brother I would like to sacrifice for you I am out of the race, then came Vijay who said same here brother I am also not interested. Smelling something fishy I doubted them and went outside for a walk where saw her becoming much close to some other guy and I returned to my friends and said your sacrifices have opened my eyes and now my heart is filled with respect for you both and want to sacrifice for you both. Ultimately Vijay said “Bhai tujhe bhi sachai pata chal gai cha lab phad lete hai!”.

Best brains nourishing young talents:
My class was filled with colors from almost all regions of the country from North India to South India. Top 20 best brains of the country were with me. Crack rune what a faculty we had Dr Seemi Fahrat Basir known for Immunological studies throughout Delhi, Dr Luqman Ahmed Khan whose biochemistry was not limited to chemical reactions but one had to give the answers of each and every C-atom within the chemical reactions, never to leave Pranav Kumar the director of The Pathfinder academy whose molecular biology was mind blowing. Other faculties included were Dr Jawid, Dr Rizvi, Dr Tasneem, Dr Meryam Sardar, and many more each specialized in their fields.
I am a lazy guy and used to be almost always late in my class and always got last seat to be seated from where board was hardly visible ultimately I used to take all the books of my friends and used to sit over them.

The Final year of our M.Sc:
As the results of M.Sc-Ist came all of us got promoted to the next year the only thing that hurt me was that among us Vijay got just 67% although we knew that he had to improve his English a bit but never reflected it out in front of him but supported him. Vishawnath was topper among us while our class topper was Subodh Joshi, she was a learning machine. Vishawnath was a friend of friend and helped us both in studies and supported us.
In M.Sc-II year my day started at 6:30 A.M with the call of my friend Vijay, speaking “We are getting late come on we have to study he use to be so excited that today we would be finishing the entire syllabus”, but when we used to return at 11 P.M from our library Vijay use to absuse a lot about the limited scope of the subject, the large no of responsibilities he had but will again come tomorrow morning at the same time.
Nothing shines like success:
Hard work conquers all !. We all both of my friends and me not only cleared M.Sc with flying colors but also cleared CSIR-NET-JRF with under 100 Ranks in CSIR-JRF/ NET-JRF. Moreover, there were other entrance examinations which we cleared in the form of ICMR-JRF, GATE-MHRD, HSCST-JRF, etc. Wow how good time passes so soon we found it out on the day of our farewell. It was on this day that we realized that we would me moving apart but had remained ever since as best friends !


The Passion Of Biotech Goes On !
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