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Winners List - BioWrit (April 2015)
Dear Participants, 

The results of Biowrit (April 2015) are out and here is the list of winners. Most entries were good and results were equally close. 

Participants who want to receive the amount in:

>>  US Dollars: 
    (i) Please email us your Paypal Email Address. (We prefer this)
    ** or **
    (ii) (USA) gift voucher.
>>  Indian Rupees: 
    (i) Please send us your Prepaid Mobile Phone number and Service Provider and we will recharge your phone to the nearest talk time.
      ** or **
    (ii) Flipkart India  gift voucher.

Action required from winners

Winners, please send us your email address (for Paypal/Flipkart) or your prepaid phone number (for mobile recharge), depending on your preference before 22th May 2015. We will finish the payment with 1-2 days of receiving your payment preference/details. No payments will be made after 25th May, so please send the details ASAP. 

Our email address:

Your email address and phone number will not be shared or published. If you want your photo to be published on the winners page (this page), please email that as well.

Winners list !!

Rank-1 :  Rs 2000/-  ( $33 )
>> Bharat Manna - My Experience with GATE : The Gateway to IITs & NITs

Rank-2 : Rs 1500/-   ( $25 )
>> ADAS - Screening and Interview at IIT Kanpur: My personal perspective

Rank-3 (Tie) : Rs 1000/- each  ( $16 )
>> MannBhargavi - My Semester Abroad

>> Dr. Nitin Wahi -  Making Career with CSIR-NET-JRF: Life Science

Rank-4 to 8 ; Rs 300/- ($5) 
(In random order)
>> Dr. Nitin Wahi - No Knowledge without College
>> ADAS - Interview at IIT Kharagpur: My perspective
>> raj150194 - Metagenomics- exploring the microbes in their habitat
>> MannBhargavi - Clinical Trials in Drug Approval
>> shreyashivarshneya - GLA University : A place where I learned to become more self confident !

Entries which could not make it:
>> Ritu Yadav >> Clinical Trials In Drug Approval ( Article contents were copy-pasted from other sources, lacks originality)
>> Jimit90 >> Synergia - A web application ( Article was not fitting in the list of topics we had proposed for the contest)

Criteria of Judging

1. Relevance and quality of content
2. Originality (Plagiarism level)
3. Quality of Title
4. Formatting of the article
5. Grammatical accuracy
6. References
7. Adherence to word limits

Winners were decided by an independent panel of 3 judges.

Congratulations Everyone !!

Author Photos: (Only those winners who sent their photos to us)
Bharat Manna

Dr. Nitin Wahi


Shreyashi Varshneya

Disclaimer: The decision of our review committee is final and no requests to review the entries will be further entertained.
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