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Migraine: Diagnosis and Classification of Headache
Shortly after my birth my mother had a headache problem. She tells how it first seemed like a common headache but then over days and months as its frequency and magnitude increased she was sure something was wrong. My mother has had migraine for a few years now. i just showed her this article and we are thankful to the writers for it. As indians we have been using our home made ayurvedic herbs for her troubles till now. however the new cures and instant remedies in this article are really helpful. we were also told by our doctor that there is no "real" cure to it but now we are going to try the approach mentioned here. really thankful to the writers. Big Grin
use pain killer for your mother. use prayer.
@jaksan i sure will Smile
Hello f2014843

Thank you for reading my posts and identifying with it. I hope it helped you and your mom. Sadly to say there are lots of people self medicating by using ayurvedic herbs to treat and cure their specific ailments and conditions. I am of the belief that ayurvedic treatments cannot be used to cure or even prevent migraines as I am a strong believer in science. However I came across an article written by a teacher of the Art of Living and wanted to share a few points, as your mother seems to believe in ayurvedic treatments.

As I said before migraines are often related to certain triggers. Thus if you can learn to recognize the triggers you can tell beforehand that a migraine is imminent. The article says basically says in a nutshell once can recognize the trigger, you can use yoga poses to help reduce the intensity of the migraine. Note yoga by itself, will not and is not a cure for migraines. However as you would know, there are numerous yoga poses and one may not prove as beneficial as the other. The flapping fish pose, pose of the moon or hare pose, palm tree pose and the double angle pose were all specifically mentioned together with palming and breathing exercises.

It was suggested to get professional advice from a qualified and certified yoga instructor on techniques as well as which poses may be beneficial instead of merely joining a yoga group session. This would help identify calming poses to migraine sufferers as opposed to ones that may aggravate the condition making it unbearable.
In addition to yoga, other natural remedies for alleviating the headaches are mentioned. I would like to highlight the following one which consists of combining five parts eucalyptus oil with one part of anise oil, one part menthol crystals and one part camphor together.

As I said before and would like to reiterate, I am not a believer in ayurvedic medications nor would I prescribe for my patients. However, seeing as your mother believes in it, I wanted to highlight the points from an article I read. In the event she tried can you please let me know if any of it helped. Thank you in advance.


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