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vector DNA
m just giving. u general......nore study u should. check book
I know Agrobacterium tumefaciens is a soil borne bacteria that causes gall crown(tumor) in plant. It uses a specific gene to alter the plant cell genome resulting in an uncontrolled cell divisions (tumor). So if this gene is removed and replaced with a resistance gene, this will take control of the plant genome resulting in the plant cell developing or becoming pest resistance. But note that the bacteria must be introduced in a part of plants undergoing cell division such as the meristem
thanxxx .....sir
(11-10-2016, 04:31 AM)priyansha sinha Wrote: Respected sir,

I have a question regarding vector DNA change . when some foreign gene (like gene for pest resistance) is inserted into a vector say agrobacterium tumefaciens  so as to transfer this gene into plants , doesn't it harm the mechanism of agrobacterium? Doesn't it make agrobacterium resistant ?
kindly assist me giving answer of this question.

Thank you
The bacteria in which vector with foreign DNA is introduced, will surely help the bacteria for resistance that particular disease( against which the gI is ligated into plasmid molecule) but it will not change the overall mechanism of the cell i.e the cell will be the same except for its resistivity quality (for the disease) being replaced by sensitivity quality.

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