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Hi everyone,

Can anybody please give an outline of BITP final interview and commonly asking questions for the same
Congrats Betsy Ann, if u got selected for the program , can u tell, which discipline u have been selected?
It depends on your dissertation and practical background, whatever techniques u have used on ur dissertation and practicals during academics ,please go through their daily practical uses in industry. Basically a blend of basic questions and application of the things will be asked. Like if u have learned fermentation technology u must know it's all application from food industry to beverages specially alcohol and quality assurance and quality control are two major aspects of it. So prepare itself for an application based interview

Good luck , I have seen ur name in the shortlisted candidates...
Hope u will get selected
And please guide other members of the forum how to enter into these government training programs please don't share internet links but how to approach for such programs

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