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New Members - Introduce Yourself Here
(07-10-2014, 08:58 PM)Pranava.m Wrote: Hi
My name is Pranava and i'm really confused whether to take up biotech or not..
I'm from Pune, India. According to what other people tell me, biotech doesnt have much scope in India. I've spoke to many seniors of mine n most of them say that there's nothing much i can do if i take up biotech in india. Also, there are a few who have done biotech in iit but are still working in a bank. I'm really worried that i wont be able to make a living if i even do get a job. I'm really sure i wanna do M. Tech in the USA, but i'm not sure about the salary there either.
If anyone could help with this, I'd really appreciate it Smile
Thanks in advance!
Hey! So I know this post is old.. But did you actually pursue biotechnology? Coz I have been told the same and I still want to go for it.. I'm currently in 12th and from Mumbai
Hi.. So I'm from Mumbai.. Currently pursuing science in 12th and would like to get some advice in the field of biotechnology as a career stream after 12th.. Hope anyone can help! Thank you.
Sir myself​ Sai Kiran from India...I am very thankful for getting a nice platform to share my ideas all over d world by forum.........sir
Myself Roshan Kumar Sah from Nepal ... Studying Biotech 2nd year in Dr Mgr university ... And want to be a well known professionally .. hope everyone will help ... Thank you ...

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