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Biometric passport is the new identification of technologically sound world
A biometric passport is an electronic passport containing biometric information about the travelers who are traveling from one country to another country. It is also called e passport because the processing and authenticated identification of the travelers are done by the help of internet. This passport introduces a new path of technology. It looks very attractive and smart. It contains a microprocessor chip or computer chip and an antenna located in the back or front size of the passport. Both are included with the passport to maintain communication and power supply. Documentation of the document and characterization of the chip are done by international civil aviation organization. Critical information of the passport are stored in the chip and printed out in the data page of the passport. It is controlled electronically. So there is no chance to copy or forge the passport in wrong way if the all safety mechanisms are fully activated.

There are actually three types of identification reports which are included in the passport. They are DNA fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and iris recognition. Retinal scan is also involved with this process. That information is stored in the contact less chip of the passport. It has 32 kilobytes storage capacity to store that information. But passport card of USA is not this type of biometric passport. This passport is used in a small number of nations. The four basic parts of this contact less smart biometric passport are data access control system, a microprocessor chip, communication security and other programmes to manage many function of the passport.

Biometric passports are furnished by their own security system. This security system is working to detect and avoid the threat. Non traceable random chip numbers are included in the chip electronically. So every passport has random identification number. When a reader gives the date of birth, the document number and the expired date, those will be derived to a key number into the machine readable zone and showed the extra information on the screen. In this process a reader can read the chip. This works are controlled by basic access control. Passive authentication or PA regulates any manipulation in the chip data. So PA is mandatory matter for a biometric passport. PA is working by hash value and country signing key recognition. Any copy of the biometric passport is detected by active authentication or AA. A private key is added to AA of every biometric passport which cannot be copied. Extended access control system controls the legality of both the reader and the chip. Shielding of the chip prevents the unauthorized reading of the chip. A thin metal cover is added to shield the passport to prevent unauthorized reading.

Privacy makers of many countries protest about the smaller amount of information included in the biometric passport. Their main objection is that biometric passport is working in wireless card system. So its vulnerability is a concern for them. An ID number is sufficient to get their information without caring their physical attendance. If any way security system is collapsed it cannot be worked in a safe way.

Everything of the world has its positive and negative sides. Our expectation is to overcome the negative aspect in biometric passport.
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I have my own passport but I have not yet experience having a biometrics on my passport. By reading your post, there us one thing I discover about this biometric passport. Data security is the main advantage of biometric passports, which reduces the risk of theft and even forgery. It is a very great security in our passport!

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Applicant should get new passport application. There are two ways to get this, from the office directly or you can download a copy from the Internet.

New Passports
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Biometric passport is the new identification of technologically sound world00