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Recombinant Protein Expression, Protein Characterization and Purification Services
ARVYS Proteins Inc. is a contract research organization that offers its protein biochemistry expertise to the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities. We help customers from any research sector at any stage of their protein research and development project, big or small. Our goal is to be your preferred outsourcing choice for protein biochemistry needs and we work hard to earn your business.

Our expertise in protein expression, purification and characterization assures efficient and economical production of active recombinant proteins. We offer a number of expression systems designed to meet specific goals, ranging from expression of tagged proteins for discovery research to production of biopharmaceuticals for preclinical development. Protein production yields are optimized by selection of an appropriate expression system, generation of a high-producing expression construct, optimization of fermentation/cell culture conditions and purification process. Each project is tailored to the customer's specifications of scale, purity, analytical characterization and activity.

Our Services Include

Genetic Engineering and Protein Expression
  • High level of protein expression is critical for efficient and economical purification of active recombinant proteins. We offer a number of protein expression systems designed to meet specific goals, ranging from expression of tagged proteins as antigens for antibody generation to production of biopharmaceuticals for clinical use. Our experts can optimize expression by engineering an expression vector with a strong promoter, an efficient ribosome binding site, a high copy number and combining it with an appropriate host. Expression also depends on the gene sequence and on stability, solubility, and folding pathway of the protein product. Accordingly, we will optimize these protein expression parameters when such optimization is necessary.

Cell Culture and Fermentation
  • Raw materials determine the purification strategy or even the success of purification. Protein extraction/recovery could be a very important purification step in itself. Time and effort invested at this stage often result in substantially shorter purification protocols and higher yields of active protein. Our experience with various methods of protein extraction, fractionation and enrichment for both recombinant and natural sources enables us to design the most optimal production process for your starting materials.

Protein Purification
  • Our skills in protein purification were gained over years of work with protein pharmaceuticals, drug targets, biological system components and biochemical reagents. Each protein has its own physico-chemical and biological properties that require tailored procedures for extraction, purification and characterization. Our purification strategy aims to achieve a homogeneous active protein preparation in two to three purification steps. This goal is reached by a thorough selection and optimization of the capture step, incorporation of a gel filtration step to remove aggregates, degradation products and other contaminants, selection of buffer conditions that stabilize biological activity and prevent product degradation. Although most proteins require individual approach, we are confident that we can handle your protein. We will purify it cost-efficiently, characterize it according to your specifications and deliver it to you in an active and application-compatible form.
Protein Characterization
  • Analytical Protein Characterization ensures the identity, purity, structural and conformational integrity and activity of a protein. We perform a number of routine protein analyses throughout all project stages. If needed, we can submit your samples for additional methods of characterization. We also offer specialized protein characterization services for purified proteins.

  • Technical expertise in protein biochemistry
  • Aggressive timelines
  • Open pricing policy
  • Performance under strict confidentiality
  • Close attention to customer's needs and requirements
  • Weekly project updates
  • Continued technical support after project completion

Visit our homepage for more information on Recombinant Protein Expression, Protein Characterization and Purification Services

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