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Poll: which is the best growing life science sector in india?
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creative sector(animations,advertisements,creative designing etc)
core technical(genetic,pharma etc)
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where should i go for best Biotech training in india?
i hav jst been through with my boards and aquired 75% in pcb and an aggregate of 80% in boards
I also want to persue my career as a biotechnologist bt i am confused how to go about it...
Plz guide me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hello guys. I am 11th  standard student and I have a lot of interest in biology. I want to choose a career in bio. I want to become a biotechnologist and do something in cell biology or something related to drug development to cure diseases. I have no clue whether I can join a university cum research centre directly after 12th for my degree or should I complete my degree and join? If I can join a university for degree can you please suggest me some good universities in India?

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