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Research Requirements On Determinants of Health
Health as defined is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

It means apart from disease or infirmity many factors contribute to health. These determinants of health are control point for individuals to make their life healthy. To a large extent, factors such as our diet, healthy behavior, physical activities, state of our income, environment, education level and healthy body weight all decide our fate of healthy life. Basis such importance of these determinants in making life healthy, today many scientist and health specialist are doing inventions which are focused on investigating these determinants of heath at individual level and to develop a system that will effectively utilize these determinants to make healthy life style. In such researches, all possible defined population (Children, Adult, and Elders etc) are being considered. Today there is a need to develop a system which will implement healthy behavior by looking at ways of communicating nutrition and healthier lifestyle more effectively to the public.

The world is immensely out of balance in subject like health. It is neither secure nor stable. The WHO (World Health Organization) constitution states that only by provision of adequate health and social measures, government can fulfill their responsibilities for the health of their peoples. In other words it shares with Government that it can fulfill their responsibilities only if they work on determinants of health and social measures.

Today the question of reducing health inequities, unhealthy behavior & life style is alarming and the same can be addressed only with invention of determinants and with actions on identified issues. Today many part of world population does not comply with recommendation regarding intake of energy, saturated fat, sodium, vegetables & fruits.
Determinants of health at an individual level like health behavior, diet, and healthy body weight and any come out with new research to improve the public health throughout the world.

Today such type of research in the field of health can be done a) by sample collection of defined population (children, adult, elder etc), understanding their lifestyles, healthy behavior , their competency towards adaption of such healthy behaviors , their circumstances and awareness about healthy acts etc. b) Alignment of all collected data category wise, area wise, malnourished, over nourished, poor category , rich category etc. c) Analysis of data & field work to investigate how it can improve daily living condition , how it will help in tackling the inequitable distribution of power, money and resources, how it can help in improving communication system within public and the how best way & effectively it share the healthy habits. Today’s research should focus on measuring and understanding the top issue with statistical analysis like perito chart study, various Minitab tools etc. and how best these inventions can be translated into concrete health policy actions or how it can add to improve or to suggest findings into various health policies and overall development of system for healthy life of human beings.

Research and development in this field of health determinants is today addressing major questions like which determinant is more significantly contributing health related issue is it communication gap of healthy habits in public, lifestyle, circumstances, poverty, body weight, education etc., and more importantly the research is guiding to develop a unique system that will act on these determinants at various levels. During research work, and while doing interview of individuals for data collection, all ethical points should be taken in to consideration. This is being done to save the personal freedom and for the safety of the participants. In such case ethical approval are many times required prior to involvement of human beings in to the research.

Though only little research has been done in this field, but there has been a significant outcome & which triggers further investigation particularly to bring out the gaps and arguments in the existing research. With such research, there will be promotion of following healthy behaviors and more people engagement will take place towards healthy diet which is important determinant of health.
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