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Now a damaged heart cell can be repaired by stem cells
Now a day's, countries all around the world are facing striking health challenges that include congestive heart failure and heart attacks. Though there are many breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine and a successful approach to prevent or limit cardiovascular disease, repairing of damaged cell was a challenge. From a recent research it has found that adult and embryonic stem cells may be able to replace damaged heart muscle cells and establish new blood vessels to supply them.

For obtaining stem cells which is known as amniotic membrane-derived mesenchymal (undifferentiated) cells (hAMCs), the investigators in Japan used amniotic membrane where an embryo develops. It is the inner lining of the sac. According to Shunichiro Miyoshi, M.D., Ph.D., co-author of the study, the amniotic membrane is used as medical waste and it is used when delivery is completed.

In laboratory studies-

* Heart muscle cells were transformed by hAMCs and 33% beating spontaneously.
* When hAMCs was injected after two weeks of a heart attack rat hearts showed 34%-39% improvement while untreated hearts failed in function
* When rat heart was injected with hAMCs after heart attack, marked area of damaged hear decreased 13%-18%.
* hAMCs were survived more than four weeks in the rat heart without being rejected by the recipient’s immune system, even without immunosuppressive medication.

According to Miyoshi, it is preferable to convert the ability of hAMCs into heart cell than mesenchymal cells derived from bone marrow or fat. As amniotic sac is a boundary between a developing fetus and a woman the implanted cells were not rejected. The immune system does not treat it as a foreign tissue because the amniotic membrane between them does not produce the proteins that immune systems use to identify foreign tissue. So it is clear that needed if hAMCs are used, the usual tissue-type matching (HLA typing) needed prior to transplantation would not be needed. And after transplantation no drugs for suppressing immune system is needed. Some findings also suggest that differentiation into different cells of various organs can be done by hAMCs.

According to Miyoshi, if we have to create a cell bank system to cover every HLA type, we will need to store a great amount of cells, many of which will never be used. But hAMCs do not require such type of system, so it is more cheap and preferable to all patients.

Some researchers who are working their experiments in larger animals and working to boost the number of heart cells generated by the hAMCs said that it need to do much work before testing hAMCs in humans.

Maritza E. Mayorga and Dr. Marc S. Penn of the Cleveland Clinic, wrote in an editorial in the journal that the investigators need to be congratulated for their careful work that has brought forward a cell type that may offer the real potential for off-the-shelf cardiac myocyte [muscle cell]-based therapy. So from overall discussion it is evident that stem cell therapy can be the best solution for damaged portion of your body. Further research is needed and then we will not be dependent upon the fate.
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If your heart can be damaged then you have to repaired by the steam cells. Then there are lots of facilities will be available for doing the repaired the steam cells. Though there are many breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine and a successful approach to prevent or limit cardiovascular disease, repairing of damaged cell was a challenge it is one of the repairing the steam cells.
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Really fantastic technology.. Now only i have heard like this.. These preventive method through we can repairing that damaged cell.. Thanks for sharing this..
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But how this could be happening if that thing could be happened its a new revolution in the society thanks for sharing...
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Really this technology is great and very helpful.
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StemCells Inc. and three other such research projects successfully won a total of Dollar sixty three million in funding just last month of September 2012 that is from California's stem cell research funding agency! This is self explanatory. Such is the potential of stem cell therapy in various major diseases like heart diseases. Patients with heart disease were earlier known as No-Option patients because the only way to treat their heart related issues are either open heart surgery or angioplasty. But this concept has been changes and such patients now has options like Stem cells therapy which is safe and very effective in treating the diseases related to heart.
In one of such example, Barry who was patient of heart undergone clinical trial at the University of Miami’s Miller (School of Medicine) and could successfully treat his disease with his own bone marrow adult stem cells. This was a part of his severe heart disease but contributed very effectively against the disease. The effect was so great that, three years after the stem cell surgery, Barry ran was able to successfully run in marathon that too around 12 grueling miles and showed the world that he is live example of stem cells importance in curing heart diseases.
One of such research at University of Maryland School of Medicine discovered that cardiac stem cells (CSCs) of newborns have more ability to restore heart functions to almost normal levels and there is no significant difference when compared with CSCs of healthy adult. This all indicate one thing for sure that the future of stem cell is coming with flying colors!
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A new treatment using stem cells—which have the potential to grow into a variety of heart cell types—could potentially repair and regenerate damaged heart tissue.
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