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Now a damaged heart cell can be repaired by stem cells
Really this technology is great and very helpful.
StemCells Inc. and three other such research projects successfully won a total of Dollar sixty three million in funding just last month of September 2012 that is from California's stem cell research funding agency! This is self explanatory. Such is the potential of stem cell therapy in various major diseases like heart diseases. Patients with heart disease were earlier known as No-Option patients because the only way to treat their heart related issues are either open heart surgery or angioplasty. But this concept has been changes and such patients now has options like Stem cells therapy which is safe and very effective in treating the diseases related to heart.
In one of such example, Barry who was patient of heart undergone clinical trial at the University of Miami’s Miller (School of Medicine) and could successfully treat his disease with his own bone marrow adult stem cells. This was a part of his severe heart disease but contributed very effectively against the disease. The effect was so great that, three years after the stem cell surgery, Barry ran was able to successfully run in marathon that too around 12 grueling miles and showed the world that he is live example of stem cells importance in curing heart diseases.
One of such research at University of Maryland School of Medicine discovered that cardiac stem cells (CSCs) of newborns have more ability to restore heart functions to almost normal levels and there is no significant difference when compared with CSCs of healthy adult. This all indicate one thing for sure that the future of stem cell is coming with flying colors!
A new treatment using stem cells—which have the potential to grow into a variety of heart cell types—could potentially repair and regenerate damaged heart tissue.

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Now a damaged heart cell can be repaired by stem cells41