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Role of Microbes in Fermented Food
Thanks for sharing this nice research or information with us, after reading all of the above i feel its too hard for me to avoid or controlling microbes in this stage of my life, i'm living in aged home its a very nice place they really take care of these microbes because for oldies we can easily attacked by the viruses.

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No doubt its really nice and here I have also same felling like you have after reading this..
thanks For sharing this all with us..
Great research you have done..
Ethanol produced by microorganisms, e.g., Saccharomyces cerevisae, from biomass is called bioethanol. It is the most widely used biofuel used for transport purposes, especially in Brazil and USA. At present, bioethanol is not cost competitive as compared to petrol but is being used for transport due to government subsidies.

Any biofuel proposed to be used for transport purposes should have the following features:

1. It should be portable in sufficient quantities in the vehicle

2. It should burn in the internal combustion engines

3. It should be roughly equivalent to petrol in energy content

Ethanol has certain features, which make it more desirable than petrol, but it also has some undesirable features.
Fermentation is the process which we make use of in the production of wine, beer, yogurt and such products. There are different types of fermentation to produce useful foods, such as Ethanol Fermentation and Lactic Acid Fermentation.

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