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Can rh negative blood be cloned?
Hi everyone,
I run a community of rh negative people and the claim that rh negative blood cannot be cloned keeps popping up. I would like to know from some of you if
1) this is correct
2) why.


Mike Dammann
I am looking for information regarding the rh negative blood factor.
Nice info on this is available at these two places
Thanks, I have seen those. But neither gives me a definitive answer. Which is why I came here. Smile
It has been observed that without RH protein, the cloned blood cell loses its required flexibility as well as the DNA strand is difficult to use after retrieving it. The root cause for this is related to the D antigen, its genetic makeup and receptors variations. In combination, all these factors make it difficult to clone RH negative blood cells and thus also in whole.

It has been estimated that 85 % of all humans’ beings are with RH Positive blood type. It means their red blood cells contain a substance called Rhesus (Blood factor). This protein can be traced to the Rhesus monkey. At the same time RH negative blood type is the purest blood known to mankind. Only 7 % of the people in the world have RH negative factor. The origin of RH negative blood type is yet unknown. A RH negative pregnant mother’s baby will show immunological reactions to mothers RH positive factor, this is because it consider that as a foreign entity.
People with Rh Negative blood type should donate blood. This will help in emergency situation and will meet the requirement of compatible blood for patients (with Rh Negative blood group) whenever they are in need, as this is a rare type.

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