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Types of Cloning - Nuclear Transfer and Artificial Twinning
When it comes to cloning, the first thing that comes in my mind is parallel universe! Astronomies theories always suggest that there is very similar universe parallel to the one we know and a hypothesis that everything here is replicate of that parallel universe. It means that there is possibility of number of our replicate exactly similar like us somewhere in the space or universe. Cloning is very similar concept and is the subject of biology which produces similar population of individuals which are genetically identical. Cloning is of different types. Molecular cloning is process of making multiple molecules. This method is used for amplification of DNA fragments containing complete gene. Whatever is the type of cloning, the basic pathway to it is common. It involves four common steps. 1) Fragmentation (DNA Breaking)2) Ligation (Joining the DNA pieces in desired sequence)3) Trasnfection (Inserting newly developed piece of DNA into host cell) & 4) Screening (Selecting cells successfully transfected with new molecule of DNA).
Now a day’s new techniques of insertion of interested genome into cells are developed these are electroporation, optical injection and biolistics. Such examples of cloning are Dolly Sheep, Which is a first mammal successfully cloned at Roslin Institute in Scotland, Water Buffalo Philippines (2007) which was first cloned water buffalo. Human cloning is a subject of interest and lot of discussion is going on in the world on this. The American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) had suggested the human cloning to be banned until safety issues & ethical concerns are resolved.
I need help with describing the three kinds of cloning. Like human cloning, animal cloning and stem cells. According to their conditions that center schooners can realize; that would be amazing. Do you agree with me?
If you are talking about the human cloning.. So I think it's much simple To understand human cloning. The three types of cloning must be understood. Like I have mentioned at the bottom..
The first is DNA Cloning.
And second Reproductive Cloning.
And the third Therapeutic Cloning.

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