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Advantages and Disadvantages of Therapeutic Cloning
cloning is done for beneficial effects and healthy organs, disadvantages could depends on the environmental and bodily changes.
With the development of scientific applications, there are few side effects which are immerging. Few may be significant and few are negligible effects. Therefore for any technology or technique to be successful, there must be more number of advantages as compared to its disadvantages. Therapeutic cloning techniques have both advantages as well as disadvantages. But when we reduce the quality and number of its harmful effect, the technology improves. Apart from other uses as mentioned in the forum, today therapeutic cloning is also being used for development of milk such that it not only provides essential nutrients but also is useful in treatment of number of diseases. One of such research in New Zealand has genetically engineered cows to produce milk that can treat a number of human diseases while providing complete nutrition. Such products are excellent source of recovery for any patient who had undergone some treatment or who needs to cure specific disease. Such process of therapeutic cloning which is used to produce pharmaceutical effects by altering the genetics of animals is known as “biopharming”
Crown Research Institute AgResearch had successfully transferred such concept from mice to cow wherein the composition of milk is changed for its quality improvement as well as for its pharmaceutical uses. Such technology is being developed but is strictly under regulatory controls before their application for humans and animals. One such other example is development of grass to have more percentage of leaf mass. It is almost 25-30 % more than their wild variety. This had helped for more protein supply for livestock and had also improved drought resistant condition of the plant. Such trials are being started in other countries also. Therefore when the advantages are more and the side effects are reduced, the technology can bring revolutions and therapeutic cloning is moving in the same way!
One of the key benefits of therapeutic cloning is its accessibility since the only need would be the sufferers own cell. Patients who need Body implant operations quickly would not have to delay for a body organ contributor, they can just develop one as needed. One of the drawbacks for Healing Cloning is the restriction of mature tissues. Techniques that use Adult Cells usually damaged in the process and Embryonic Cells have been found to be more versatile.
he ensuing fertilized ovum has a homogenous set of forty six chromosomes, and is so a a dead ringer for the one who given the somatic cell. the sole genetic distinction lies in a very tiny amount of mitochondrial ribonucleic acid, that is transmissible from the mother (in this case, transmissible from the egg). So, precisely, the clone isn't a definite copy of the donor. however the developing fertilized ovum is even so a clone.

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