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Advantages and Disadvantages of Therapeutic Cloning
Therapeutic cloning is the procedure of genetics in which cells from the skin of the patient and are inserted into the fertilized egg, the nucleus of which has already been removed. The resulting cell is allowed to divide repeatedly so that a blastocyst is formed. Stem cells are then extracted from this blastocyst and can be used for various purposes like growing tissues that match the patient’s own genetic makeup. Many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease can be treated with therapeutic cloning.

Method of Therapeutic Cloning:-
Method of therapeutic cloning is used to treat the patient’s tissues and organs which have got damaged due to some disease or any other disorder. In this method patient’s own skin cells are used so that the immune system can easily accept the newly developed tissues or organs. There is a particular method through which therapeutic cloning is done.

1) First the DNA of the woman’s ovum is removed which is the basic of human life.

2) Take the DNA of the desired cell like skin cell and insert it into the ovum of the woman.

3) To insert the foreign DNA into the ovum, an electric shock is given so that embryo starts to develop. Due to the shock, a pre-embryo will produce.

4) The cells of the pre-embryo keep developing until they start producing stem cells.

5) When the stem cells are produced, they are taken out of the embryo which results in the death of the embryo.

6) Stem cells are allowed to grow in a specific culture where they will produce desired tissues and organs. Stem cells have the ability to develop into various forms of tissues and organs.

7) The developed tissues or organs can be transferred into the patient who suffers from the diseases like diabetes or Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of Therapeutic Cloning:-
Therapeutic cloning is helpful in creating the replacement organs. Patients who are suffering from kidney disorders or other disorders like this. It is beneficial in giving people more years to enjoy their life. When the patients own body cells are used in therapeutic cloning, then the fear of organ or tissue rejection by immune system vanishes and doctors can easily replace the organs. In some countries where this technique has not yet been applied, patients wait for the required organ for many days and in this period their life also come in danger, if therapeutic cloning is applied, the watt for the right organ will come to a stop and patients will easily get the required organ.

As there is a custom that a person donates his own organ for the needy patient, but now patient will be able to get a brand new organ just because of therapeutic cloning? It may be helpful in curing the disease which is difficult to cure by other means.

Disadvantages of therapeutic cloning:-
Though therapeutic cloning is a promising technique for the organ transplantation but it is not applicable in adult stem cells. As the embryo develops into a complete human being so when the stem cells are taken from the embryo and it dies as a result, people consider it a murder. Therapeutic cloning may develop tumors or other diseases in the body. The most important concern of therapeutic cloning is where to get the egg from. In my view no woman will be willing to donate her egg.
Advantages: A increased supply of replacement organs and tissue for human recipients in case of illness or injury. Less dependence on blood anti-rejection preventives drugs, thus leading to fully compatible organs without complications.

Disadvantages: Enraging almost all religious communities for "playing God," dealing with civil/human rights issues stemming from creating life only to use it, dealing with the hundreds of failed embryos that it usually takes to get one viable clone, the deterioration of genetic material in the clone which leads to health problems and faster than normal aging.

Basically therapeutic cloning is used for replacement organs.
The disadvantage is its side effects and this is something playing with nature.
For transplanting organs it would be a great technique but it has been put to question by many religious scholars and we can't deny the side effects as well.

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