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Informations for newbie.
My name's Natalie and it's my first note here.
I'm from Poland and I'm 15 now.
(My English isn't perfect, so sorry for all of mistakes).

I'm really interested in biotechnology, especially in genetic engineering, and if you have time... I'll be honestly so grateful for the answers. I've got few questions.

1) Is there (and where) in California any possibillity to practice my job when I'll be going to college in Poland? I mean... In the second or third year I want to fly to California just for maybe four months. Practice in the US will be looking very good in the cv. Smile

2) Is genetic engineering good job? In lots of ways... Money, time, difficulty... Next year I'm going to high school and I'll have to choose my class-profile. I'll probably choose biology-chemistry, but this is the last time to think about it if I'm not sure.

3) I really want to study biotechnology but I'm still not completely sure about my occupation. Are there any better choices?

Okay, I think that three questions for the start are enough.
I hope that you won't have any big problems with reading this. (My horrible English... Tongue)

I'm here also because if I want to go to the USA even for a few months, I have to learn this proffesional (biology) language.

May the force be with you. Wink
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What ? You need university or college preparation grade 11 or 12 biology and chemistry to talk about it .You are way too early. You may need a high skill math for it too like college grade 12 tech math or functions in grade 11 U or college math grade 11c , grade 12 U calculus and vectors for getting into Bio programs. You may need to learn the introduction to biochemistry in the program.
Julie Loc

Haha Darth Vader .... sucker!!! Yoda....
The dark side is my favourite part in the Star Wars movie.
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Informations for newbie.00