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Best BSc.Biotech Colleges Ranking In India
I want to know the best BSc.Biotech Colleges ranking in India and scope of study in this regard.
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I am currently only in my second year of BSc Biotechnology, but I would like to find out which field of specialization most of you would suggest, as I have to decide which subjects I want to take this year and they may affect which field I am allowed to choose.
My options are:
1. Microbiology
2. Biochemistry
3. Plant Sciences
4. Plant Genetics
5. Human/Animal Genetics
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I am a student of from Glocal university in Uttrakhand, and believe me I think this the best thing happened to me, the way professor's make even difficult things easy to understand.
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sir i got 24 marks in cucet and 87 percentage in bsc(biotechnology) is there any chance to got seat on university of punjab for msc biochemistry
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Hi lakshmi,

I am not sure about the cut-off for CUCET this year (I'm sure you must have noticed it on your score card?). Your percentage is well above the minimum eligibility criteria for MSc Biochem (15 seats available) at University of Punjab. But if your CUCET marks aren't above the cut-off, I'm afraid that you might not be eligible. All you need is "qualification of CUCET".

Best wishes
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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If you are looking for private college try Sharda or Amity
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