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I am forced to study at home,can you recommend me where to start?
Hello guys
I am studying molecullar and cellular biotechnology in university,since a couple of months.I feel that I am hardly learning anything useful.I am not from the U.S.A.The education standart of my university regarding my study subject seems to be very,very low.Since I am planning to go abroad for my masters,and I am pretty sure that,as things are going now,I never could qualify,I try to learn mostly at home.The problem is,I just don't know where to start,what I have to know :-( .

I always encounter texts that seem to be too advanced,too offtopic.

So,to my question(sorry that it took so long)

If I plan to study molecullar and cellular biotechnology at home,from what basic books do i have to start?to which books should i advance?I am truly confused.I hope somebody has advice.Thanks!

The last book I read was "kuby immunology".I am sure it would be useful in the future,but I doubt it is a good place to start.
Another book I took a look at (today) was
"Introduction to Molecular Biotechnology- Fundamentals, Methods and Applications, An - Michael Wink"

But this seems too complicated to start with too.However,I may be in the wrong and this may be the "standard".I really don't know,I hope you guys have advice :L

PS:I have started to just learn the whole of "encyclopedia of biotechnology by wiley".i am not sure if its the right idea or not,but well...
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I am forced to study at home,can you recommend me where to start?00