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(Closed) BioWrit April 2015 - Rules and Results
BioWrit is an intitiative by BiotechnologyForums to promote and appreciate scientific writing skills of Biotechnology professionals and students in India and abroad.

What's this competition about?
BioWrit is an online “Article Writing Competition”. Five topics will be provided to write upon, and the best articles submitted within deadlines will be  awarded as per rules.


1. Clinical Trials in drug approval
Clinical trials are the crucial indices of the fate of a drug (whether it arrives in the market or not). Entries under this topic should include quality articles with comprehensive details about Clinical Trials in Drug Approval.
2. Metagenomics  
Metagenomics is aimed at deciphering the microbial/functional components of an environment, through the analysis of genomic DNA sampled through an environment. A culture independent technique, Metagenomics has emerged as a hot topic of research amongst computational BioScientists.
Entries under this topic are thus expected to shed light on Metagenomics in a way that may enable it's comprehension to even a layman. Details about current state of art are also expected.
3. Entrance Exam Preparation Tips / Interview Experiences   
Cleared an Entrance Exam? Have some tips to share with those who need some ? Hold some interview experience ( success / failure ) for admission into a college? Submit your entry under this topic. An inspiring/quality entry can make you the winner.    
4. My College Life Experience    
No matter which college you are in, we believe every student has something to share about his college life. How you got admitted to your college, what degrees are offered (biotech related), your hostel life, your teachers, standard of teaching, admission fees, semester fees and much more..If you want to submit some experience about your college life, submit your entry under this topic. Ensure that the experience shouldn't be a mix of different colleges you attended. If you have experience of multiple colleges, submit them as separate entry.
5. My Internship / Job experience at a Company
Internships are an integral part of a student's academic life. And getting a job in a company is one of the most exciting experiences of a student's life. Share your internship experience (how you got the internship, what kind of project(s) you did/were offered, the standard of internship etc) under this topic. If you have a job experience, submit your entry about your selection process, your job experience, about your company under this topic.


1. Minimum of 1500 words is mandatory. Maximum: 3500 words.

2. Articles must be posted on BiotechnologyForums under following section of Contests Tab:
     BioWrit: April-2015 (Link:
  • Once you enter the above section, choose the Topic of choice (under which you want to submit your entry. Click on the Topic and then Click on “Start a New Thread (New Topic)” ).
  • The subject of your Thread should suit the topic of your Entry (For Example: Life at IIIT Hyderabad, My Experience at University of Pune, Interview at Wipro etc). 
  • Try to keep the title of your entry (Subject) unique.
3. Emails won't be accepted. Candidates will have to register and post their entry on the Forums. Correct details must be furnished during registration.

4. Articles “must be” self written. Plagiarism (exact copying from various resources) will be detected and such entries will straight-forward be disqualified.

5. A bibliography/citation is a must (if applicable).

6. Images/videos may be used from internet if their licence doesn't strict you to do so. Reference link of the image should be mentioned underneath.

7. Single candidate can submit entries under all topics.

Judging criteria:

1). Adherence to word limits.
2). Formatting of the article (readibility)
3). Plagiarism
4). Grammatical standards
5). Relevance to the topic submitted
6). Quality of research done in including wide range of details about the topic.
7). Your responses to the queries of other members to your article, shall fetch you extra points.
Please note: Dummy accounts accounts created by same user to earn extra points will lead to a ban.

Competition starts:  March 29, 2015

Deadline for submission: May 1, 2015

Result Declaration: May 20, 2015

Prizes and winners
1. Rank 1 holder : Rs 2000/-  ( $33 )
2. Rank 2 holder: Rs 1500/-   ( $25 )
3. Rank 3 holder: Rs 1000/-   ( $16 )

Entries Ranked 4 to 10 will be awarded Rs 300/- ($5)  

About the cash prizes:
There are 4 ways to claim the cash prize:
a. Paypal
b. Mobile Recharge
c. Paytm/Mobikwik (cash can be transferred from your wallet to your bank)
d. Flipkart vouchers

Information for the winners:
Photographs and details of the winners with their winning entry will be published on BiotechnologyForums. Winners are requested to submit their details with Passport size photograph (if they wish to do so) upon request by our team.

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