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Interview at IIT-Delhi: MSR-School of Biological Sciences - Help
Hi I have been selected in iit delhi DBEB for PhD and iit madras for M.Tech, I wanted know is it better to do direct PhD or do a M.Tech and try for PhD abroad. @Sunil can you please tell me more about quality of research and facilities in iit delhi. I am GATE BT AIR 25 and csir lifescience AIR 50.
Hello sram,

If your aspiration is to pursue a hardcore research career, then:
Go for M.Tech -> PhD abroad.
or go for direct PhD abroad (GATE is valid for NUS, NTU, HKUST, DAAD)
Give a shot to GRE as well for some university in US/Europe.

If your aspiration is to get into the industry asap, then go for M.Tech only. Didn't you apply for Masters in IITB/IITK/IITD? If your results are awaited then prefer IITB/IITK/IITD over IITM.

Quality of research at IITD is good (you wont find yourself deprived of resources). There's a lot to imbibe at IITD. Being an undergrad, prefer only Masters in IITs (had you been a PG student, I would have openly suggested you to go for PhD in IITs).

Try not to jump into degrees, follow the proper learning curve, you'll enjoy and learn a lot.

Best wishes,
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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Thank you sunil for your reply.I didn't apply for masters in iit delhi and iit kanpur interview clashed with iitb. IITB interview(First) didn't go as i expected. I am left with choices of 1. IITM-M.Tech Clinical engineering
3 IITKGP-JMP Agri Biotech

I have interest in molecular biology and neurosciences and i dont want to get in industry jobs.Then the best i am left is to do M.Tech in IITM and then try PhD abroad.

What if i quit my M.Tech in the middle to join PhD abroad,should i pay any penalty for it?Will IITM allow me to do so?
Sunil sir,

I have been selected for MSR in IITD, biotechnology and biochemical engineering department, IIT Kharagpur for in biotechnology and biochemical engineering and IIT Madras for clinical engineering. I am not sure which institute to choose among these. I am not sure if i want to do Phd afterwards. what is the scope after doing these courses. It will be of great help if you could guide me and give me some information regarding the future scope of these courses. 

Thank you.

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