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MAGGI Noodles to get banned in India?
Statement from Nestle regarding Maggi Noodles safety

Lets hear the story from both sides of the isle .. 

Press release from Nestle:

In spite of MAGGI Noodles being safe, Nestlé India decides to take the products off the shelves

NESTLE HOUSE, Gurgaon, Jun 5, 2015

MAGGI Noodles are completely safe and have been trusted in India for over 30 years.
The trust of our consumers and the safety of our products is our first priority. Unfortunately, recent developments and unfounded concerns about the product have led to an environment of confusion for the consumer, to such an extent that we have decided to withdraw the product off the shelves, despite the product being safe.

We promise that the trusted MAGGI Noodles will be back in the market as soon as the current situation is clarified.


Are MAGGI Noodles safe to eat?

Yes. We are confident that our MAGGI Noodle products in India and elsewhere are absolutely safe for consumption.
Food safety is Nestlé's number one priority. We do more food testing that any other entity in the world and have many stringent controls to guarantee safety: starting from the raw materials we use, throughout processing to packaging.
We have tested around 1,000 batches of MAGGI Noodles in our own laboratories and also asked an independent lab to test an additional 600 product batches. Almost 125 million or 12.5 Crore packets were tested in total. The test results confirm that MAGGI Noodles are safe, with lead levels well within the food safety limits specified by the Indian authorities.

Both quotes from

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