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Training/Workshop@SCFBio, IIT Delhi in July, 2015
SCFBIO, IIT Delhi intends to start training/Workshop Programmes in Bioinformatics and Computational  Biology from 1st July, 2015. The training Programme will be divided into two batches with 10 days allocated for each batch.
1) Topics for the training/Workshop Programme are proposed to be covered with hands–on 
      training/Workshop in the following four modules:– 

  1. Genome analysis (First Three days of each batch)
  2. Protein Folding ( Fourth, Fifth, Sixth day of each batch)
  3. Drug Design (Seventh, Eighth, Ninth day of each batch)
  4. High performance computing in Bioinformatics.(Last day of each batch)

2) Duration of Training/Workshop:- 

      The training/Workshop programme for each module is proposed to be conducted for three days 
     (approx) and the entire set of modules mentioned above will be completed in 10 days time(from 
     9 am to 5 pm everyday). Participants can opt for any number of modules.

      Following are the tentative schedule for the batches
  • 1st  batch: 1st July, 2015 to 10th July, 2015
  • 2nd batch: 14th July, 2015 to 23rd July, 2015
    3) Eligibility :-       B.Sc/B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech./Ph.D Students and professionals from Biotech and Pharma industries.4) Maximum no of students :- 25 per batch 5) Fee :- Rs 3000 per module. (Rs 8000/- for three or more modules) 
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Training/Workshop@SCFBio, IIT Delhi in July, 201500