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a career in stem cells
hello sir,
 i am curently pursuing my btech biotechnology(will be starting 5th semester) from manipal institute of technology. i wish to make a career in stem cells and regenerative medicine. i dont have any prior strong background in it. i have just participated in an international conference where i prsented a review poster on cancer stem cells. i have the following queries:

1.) how do i chart my career after btech? what all courses should i opt for and exams should i appear for?
2.) i am also interested in getting enrolled at nus. when should i apply for it? in which department? for masters or for phd?also how is the nus mba phd dual degree program? should i go for it after btech or should i do an msc in india and go for a phd , gain post doc experience and then go for an mba seperately?

really confused.please help

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As per your interests, GATE is a must. Followed by that give priority to GRE and then DBT/CSIR UGC NET.

Apply for the same for Jan intake of the next year (after clearing GATE) or anytime after GRE.

Going by your interest in stem cell research, MBA wont be a good option. NUS MBA PhD program is very famous, but you might not find a suitable project to satiate your interest in stem cells.

Ideally, you should pursue masters from an IIT/IISc and then pitch for PhD abroad.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

Best wishes
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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thank you sir for your valuable reply.

i was going through graduate studies by research through department of biological sciences and department of bioengineering for the course of masters of engineering and phd. i wanted your advice whether i should go for biological sciences or bioengineering keeping in mind my biotechnology background. also ,bioengineering department is better ranked and has different courses to offer that would increase the scope of employment wheareas biological sciences is an extension to my studies. i am confused as to which department has better scope. moreover is it advisable to apply for msc or phd ? what is the duration of phd from nus in any of the above departments?
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You want to try to stick within the realm of biology and chemistry, so majors like: biomedical engineering, biochemistry, general biology, cell biology and molecular biology, cell biology and genetics, microbiology, developmental biology, etc.

It depends on the school you go to as well, so see what they have to offer and get in touch with your academic adviser
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