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First post with a few questions

I'm currently in the process of completing a self-administered biotechnology course. Since I don't have a professor or other resources like that, I don't really have an authority to ask these questions to. I'm wondering if anyone can help me answer these questions. Answer is good, but if you could show work that would be excellent as I'm trying to study it.

Question 1) You are given the plasmid pNEB193. Sketch what a predicted gel run would look like if one digests the plasmid with the following enzymes:

Ava II (A)
Pvu I (P)
AvaII+Hind III (A+H)

the sketch is supposed to fit a electrophoresis unit, so it would look like:

Ladder           Uncut           A           P           A+H

Those 5 would be the wells 

Then, to follow this sketch, I have the following question:

What would happen if the wells were put by the positive pole instead of the negative?
How might the gel look if one used a higher concentration of agarose? Describe the change
How might the gel change if we increased the voltage from 80V to 150V? Describe the change.
What might happen if the gel were to run too long?

I have some answers that I think are correct, but I'm still kind of at a loss, especially with the sketch. I've only ran an electrophoresis unit once.
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First post with a few questions00