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Cancer + Psychology

Background  : I am a final year B.Tech Biotechnology student. I am deeply motivated to pursue a career in Cancer Biology. I know that due to a B.Tech course my life science background isn't all that great and I am a person with varied interests like music too. So I was wondering if I could avoid going for pure research but go for something that can help me utilize my skills and balance the other interests too. That is why I came up with something like being a therapist, but a cancer therapist specifically.

Few questions that I have and are open to any suggestions are :

What kind of course/s can I pursue? 
Which would be the best place where I can pursue such interdisciplinary course? Would India be a nice option?
Is there anyone who has done something like this before and can guide me? I'd be really grateful Smile

Also open to any other suggestions of interdiscplinary approach towards cancer.

Thanks ya! Smile
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